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describe (someone or something) as (something)

To make a descriptive statement about someone or something. Anyone who describes you as "shy" must not know you very well, chatterbox! I wouldn't describe the car as "new" per se—but don't worry, it's in very good condition.
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describe (someone or something) to (someone)

To make a descriptive statement about someone or something to someone else. If you describe Bill to me, I might remember him. Can you describe the situation to me? I'm not sure what is going on.
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describe someone or something as something

to describe or portray a person or a thing as something or as being in some particular state. Would you describe her as a woman of average height? We described the building as a collection of contemporary architectural clichés.
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describe someone or something to someone

to characterize or portray a particular person or thing to someone. Will you describe her to me, please? Please describe yourself to me so I will know you.
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Participants were given a number of test games to use for training, and their Guesser agents were evaluated using the 109 games crowdsourced through the mobile app, with penalties for games not solved (that is, those where the online Describer ran out of human-sourced hints) and scoring based on the number of hints required to arrive at the solution.
For example, a describer shouldn't say " 'She opens the letter and looks sad,' '' Lombardi noted.
I present a new type of AD for auteur and artistic films: auteur description, which incorporates the director's creative vision in the AD script through the use of a screenplay (or other available materials, such as interviews and reviews) and thus gives the audio describer the artistic license to depart from the dictate of objectivism.
Shrude's sell= describer) "study in perpetual motion" provides an emphatic punctuation mark to conclude the disc.
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: A Kurdish Alliance MP describer Premier's Nouri al-Maliki visit to Washington as "important for the development of bilateral relations," excluding the possibility of the the Kurdish question being discussed there.
Veronica Fyland is an audio describer who works with people with visual impairments to make sure they enjoy all the action of stage and film.
One player is chosen as the "Describer" while the others are the "Answerers".
Accordingly, cultural space is a model related to the inner point of view--the models of culture--and not to the metalevel description of the culture and its non-culture as an external reality for the describer.
The informal partnership between Hayden, as fossil collector, and Leidy, as fossil describer, is one of the main stories to emerge from Thomson's account of this era.
As Roland Barthes has argued, African leader Ngugi wa Thiong'o must be seen as a describer of a society he sees around him and "the function of discourse is not in fact to create 'fear, shame, envy, an impression' etc., but to conceive the inconceivable, i.e.
We could've been passive [about making] the shows accessible--just make sure you have a describer and Braille programs and the place is accessible--but we always wanted it to be on-and offstage.
Another important problem is the relationship between the describer and the described.
* key describer function (voice announcements give prompts and describes the function of each button when pressed)
Tomorrow, if I'm not in office, I'll undoubtedly be a sort of journalist, a public commentator, a describer of things and of the essentials.