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describe (someone or something) as (something)

To make a descriptive statement about someone or something. Anyone who describes you as "shy" must not know you very well, chatterbox! I wouldn't describe the car as "new" per se—but don't worry, it's in very good condition.
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describe (someone or something) to (someone)

To make a descriptive statement about someone or something to someone else. If you describe Bill to me, I might remember him. Can you describe the situation to me? I'm not sure what is going on.
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describe someone or something as something

to describe or portray a person or a thing as something or as being in some particular state. Would you describe her as a woman of average height? We described the building as a collection of contemporary architectural clichés.
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describe someone or something to someone

to characterize or portray a particular person or thing to someone. Will you describe her to me, please? Please describe yourself to me so I will know you.
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Budd describes the two major families of discourse analysis, including linguistic-based analysis and culturally or socially based discursive practices.
Paul introduces the "body of Christ" metaphor, which we find earlier in Greek and Roman philosophy as a metaphor for the state, the "body politic," to describe the Christian community (1 Cor 10:17, 11:27-32, 12:27; Rom 12:3-8).
To meet these goals, it is essential for COECs to state clear and measurable objectives; possess appropriate expertise to fulfill its stated objectives; identify specific environmental problems; demonstrate alignment to research strength and focus of the center; identify existing and future partners; prioritize short-, mid-, and long-term activities to be implemented; list and describe expected products; state anticipated impacts and their significance for environmental public health; and define evaluation tools to measure the impact of core activities.
In the second paragraph of "How Bigger' Was Born" Wright describes the sources of his imaginative writing as being rooted in a mixture of deeply personal and verifiable public reality: "In a fundamental sense, an Imaginative novel represents the merging of two extremes; it is an intensely intimate expression on the part of consciousness couched in terms of the most objective and commonly known events.
* Describe the mechanisms used to evaluate the program
RB: I can always describe paintings in a very explicit way, which might sound comical to someone else.
WS-Trust will provide for direct and third-party-brokered trust relationships through the creation of "security token issuance services." WS-SecureConversation will describe how a Web service can authenticate requester messages; how requesters can authenticate services; and how to establish mutually authenticated security contexts.
When I called Cornelia Dean, editor of science news at The New York Times, she responded that "we try to include in our articles all the information people need to make sense of what is going on." The Times' policy, she said, is to cite the commercial sponsors of newsworthy medical studies, and to ask quoted scientists about "financial ties." But she was very reluctant to discuss the problem any further, and seemed particularly surprised when I mentioned that Times op-ed contributor Jerome Groopman, a noted supporter of unfettered stem-cell and cloning research, is not just "a professor of medicine at Harvard" (as the Times op-ed cutlines describe him), but is also a board member of Advanced Tissue Sciences Inc., a biotech company in La Jolla, Calif.
The first part of the book describes how the experts in fields such as music education and psychology describe and measure musical talent.
The integration of CocoBase(R) with Describe provides a proven solution for managing database access by simplifying the process of persisting relational data.
Gigon & Guyer describe the course of the rampart with a long curving row of vertical steel tubes, close together where archaeology has shown the exact route, further apart where evidence is more sketchy.
The scenario below will first describe the exploration of the GD&T knowledge base; then it will describe the exploration of interoperability standards for the inspection process.
For a writer to describe a work of art to the reader it takes the ability to deconstruct/decode and recreate what lies before him or her.
You describe your policies and practices with respect to protecting the confidentiality and security of nonpublic personal information if you do both of the following: