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Hyperdominant left anterior descending artery continuing across left ventricular apex as posterior descending artery coexistent with aortic stenosis.
The descending branch of ileocolic artery anastomosed with the terminal branch of SMA.
While the ascending and descending triangles have a built-in bias, the symmetrical triangle is inherently neutral.
The path of the ascending and descending moon is similar to the progress of the sun during the year.
Tran does know his craft--the reworking of Descending certainly demonstrates his ability to expand a piece made originally for three dancers to accommodate five.
Depth: Taxonomies should include no more than seven descending levels.
The motion of the person descending actually generates the dynamic resistance, so the faster the person descends, the greater the resistance, resulting in a safe, constant speed of descent.
As the aircraft was descending, its on board computer warned eight seconds before impact to increase climb.
A motive consisting of a descending seventh followed by a descending sixth appearing in the first piece, The Stubborn Donkey, reappears in all four of the etudes.
Sinai, but he seems continually to be descending and ascending (5:1, 8:1, 15:29, 17:1, 17:9).
The terminology sometimes used in hysteresis-loss measurements is: the first field sweep up is called the "initial branch," the field sweep down is the "descending branch," and the subsequent field sweep up is the "ascending branch." In loss measurements, the worst case is a higher value, in contrast to [I.sub.c] measurements where the lowest value is the worst case.
Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy was performed on August 15, 1997, with examination to the descending duodenum.
With no obvious ascending or descending order at work, one at first assumes randomness, but then it becomes clear the four images are made with only four pears.
Current system - (1) Local Status 1; (2) Local Status 2a; (3) Local Status 2b; (4) Local Status 3; (5) Regional Status 1; (6) Regional Status 2a; (7) Regional Status 2b; (8) Regional Status 3; (9) Nationally in descending order of medical status.
Patrons of an urban shopping mall in a small southern city were observed ascending or descending a height of approximately five feet leading to or away from a large department store serving as one of the mall's anchor stores.