descend from (someone or something)

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descend from (someone or something)

1. Literally, to move from a higher point to a lower one. The bride looked simply gorgeous as she descended from the balcony in her flowing gown.
2. To originate from a particular ancestor or source. I was shocked to learn that I descended from key figures in the American Revolution.
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descend from someone

or some group [for a living creature] to come from a particular set of ancestors. I descend from a large family of Dutch traders. Wally is descended from Daniel Boone.
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descend from something

to move down from something. The bird descended from the top of the tree to a lower branch. Take care when you descend from the ladder.
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The former laird of Grantully Castle explains that his family "were not descended from kings, kings were descended from us".
He expresses his usual scorn for the vulgar Darwinism which conceives human history as a progressive movement away from the ~primitive' (~It is much more likely that the monkey is descended from us, than we from the monkey'), and concludes by claiming that the Etruscans are best understood through their religious symbols and ~the peculiar physical or bodily, lively quality of all the art': ~These are the two clues to the Etruscan.