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the red mist descends

To fall into a state of extreme anger, excitement, or competitive arousal, such as might cloud one's judgment or senses. Primarily heard in UK. Their striker isn't the most consistent player on the pitch, but once the red mist descends, you had better get out of his way. I'm not sure what happened. I was at the pub having a pint, and then someone insulted me, and I guess the red mist must have descended, because, the next thing I knew, I was being dragged away with bloodied knuckles.
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descend from (someone or something)

1. Literally, to move from a higher point to a lower one. The bride looked simply gorgeous as she descended from the balcony in her flowing gown.
2. To originate from a particular ancestor or source. I was shocked to learn that I descended from key figures in the American Revolution.
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descend into (something)

To move down into something. The fireman descended into the sewers to save the kitten.
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descend on (something)

1. Literally, to drop onto someone or something. No one was too pleased when rain began to descend on our picnic.
2. By extension, to converge at a particular place or thing, often in great numbers. The kids descended on the birthday cake as soon as I set it down. People have descended on our town to attend that big software conference.
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descend to (something)

1. Literally, to move from a higher point to a lower one. If our plane is descending to the runway already, we might make our connecting flight after all.
2. To condescend to do something. Now that Billy's famous, I doubt he'll descend to call his own mother.
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be descended from (someone or something)

To be related a particular ancestor or bloodline. Is it true? Is she really descended from Benjamin Franklin?
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descend from someone

or some group [for a living creature] to come from a particular set of ancestors. I descend from a large family of Dutch traders. Wally is descended from Daniel Boone.
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descend from something

to move down from something. The bird descended from the top of the tree to a lower branch. Take care when you descend from the ladder.
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descend into something

to go down into something. The butler descended into the cellar for another bottle of wine. Fred descended into the canyon on an organized tour.
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descend to something

1. . Lit. to go down to something. I must descend to the lower level to greet the guests. Gerald descended to the front door to see who was there.
2. Fig. to condescend to do something; to stoop to doing something; to lower oneself to do something bad. I refuse to descend to the performance of such menial duties. I will not descend to a life of crime.
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descend (up)on someone or something

1. . Lit. [for something] to come down or fall upon someone or something. Flakes of fluffy snow descended upon the gentle slopes.
2. . Fig. [for people] to arrive or come to someone or something in great numbers. The petitioners descended upon the mayor's office in droves.
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be descended from

To be related to (an ancestor) by genetic descent from an individual or individuals in a previous generation: She claims to be descended from European royalty.
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9 : to sink to a worse condition <The classroom descended into chaos.
The dynastic significance of the marriage of King Malcolm of Scots and (Saint) Margaret in 1068 may be further illustrated in that from that marriage descended not only all the kings and queens regnant of Scots (from 1097) and of England (from 1154), but also of Castille and then Spain (from 1214), of France (from 1226) and of Portugal (from 1433), as also the Hapsburg Holy Roman Emperors/Kings of Austria (from 1440) and, except for Monaco and Albania, all the other present day European monarchs and claimants.
We have a common ancestor way back, but I'm not descended from him.
It is with reference to the origin of descent, then, that the perfections and qualities that the descended thing lacks come to be known.
More than 100,000 balloons descended upon the stadium, bushels of confetti were released and a concert that went on for almost 45 minutes rocked the stadium.
Considering the small hole we had descended through, we should have been maintaining better lookout procedures, especially me, because I'm in the front.
A dog with only one testicle descended is called a unilateral cryptorchid and has one testicle in the scrotum and the other one in the abdomen.
With this assist the airship descended to 500 feet, leveled off, and the crew manned abandon-ship stations.
In "Clair de lune," the pas de deux between principal dancer Dede Barfield and soloist Meredith Rainey captured the innocent charm of two young lovers adrift in moonlight, with Rainey arcing Barfield in serene lifts that descended like mist from a fountain.
Mustangs are wild horses descended from the horses of explorers, Native Americans, and pioneers.
Smith) responded to a charge that the bill was designed to promote religion by exclaiming, "Do you believe you were descended from a monkey?
Then, following the order from the tower, Flight 907 descended while Flight 958, heeding the TCAS warning, also descended.
DOZENS of youths descended on a Coventry car park on Sunday night for the latest "cruise" meeting.
If human beings are descended from apes, then today's computers are descended from ancient abacuses and (less ancient, but nevertheless dated) calculators.