descend into

descend into (something)

To move down into something. The fireman descended into the sewers to save the kitten.
See also: descend

descend into something

to go down into something. The butler descended into the cellar for another bottle of wine. Fred descended into the canyon on an organized tour.
See also: descend
References in classic literature ?
If he was to have any rest, her husband must once more descend into the garden.
Shortly before a boy is born they move down or descend into their normal position in the bag of skin called the scrotum.
10 Descend into the field then ascend to the far-right corner, passing through a timber kissing gate.
Just after passing the main entrance to the large house turn right and descend into the trees.
As we climb over or descend into impossible obstacles, the Range Rover cheerfully takes charge.
It's too easy to descend into pointless lobbing of ancient shibboleths: "Marketers are polluting the Holy Graft of Education," or "Faculty members are inbred, move too slowly and resist change.
Go slightly left to higher ground then continue to descend into the valley on the left to a stile in the wall.
If this fails, Bolivia could suffer a crushing collapse of its fledgling democracy and descend into chaos.
The water is splashing around you as you descend into a chasm with reddish walls--meters, 50 meters, 100 meters, 300 meters deep.
A movement that begins with a demiplie followed by a slight spring to full pointe and ends with a spring to descend into demi-plie.
At the farm gate turn left and descend to a further hand-gate into pasture-land - then descend into a dell with a pond through the trees to your left.