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gol dern

A word used to express frustration or annoyance, typically as an intensifier. An alteration of "goddamn." What is all this gol dern junk doing here? Why won't anyone listen to me, gol dern it?
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gol dern

 and gol dang
Rur. God damn.; God-damned. Gol dern it, Mary, shut the screen door! Them bugs is get-tin' in here in droves. The gol dang car's in the shop again.
See also: dern, gol

You're dern tootin'!

Rur. You are absolutely right! (Never the full form tooting.) Tom: Are you really going to take up boxing? Bob: You're dern tootin'! Father: Do you really want to buy that droopy-looking puppy? Bill: You're dern tootin'!
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