derive (something) from (someone or something)

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derive (something) from (someone or something)

1. To gain something from a particular source. Liz definitely derived her athletic ability from her father, who used to be a professional baseball player. My mother derives great joy from cooking, but I simply don't.
2. To originate or emerge from a particular source. I think this word derives from Greek, but what does it say in the dictionary?
3. To trace the genesis or origin of something to a particular source. After a period of careful study, the linguist derived that term from Latin.
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derive something from someone or something

to draw or abstract something from someone or something. She derives a lot of spiritual support from her religion. She derives her patience from her mother.
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derive something from something

to show how something is descended from something else. Is it possible to derive this word from Greek? Is this word derived from Latin?
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derive from something

to come from something; to evolve from something. (Usually in reference to a word and its etymological history.) This word derives from an ancient Celtic word. What does the English word skirt derive from?
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derive from

1. To obtain or receive something from some source: I derive great pleasure from listening to music.
2. To issue or originate from some source: The word "peninsula" derives from the Latin words for "almost" and "island."
3. To trace the origin or development of something, as a word, from some source: The language scholar derived the word from ancient Greek.
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NEW YORK: Ineos, owner of Scotland's Grangemouth petrodoil refinery, has struck a deal with subsidiaries of ExxonMobil and Shell to supply ethane derived from US shale gas which it is to import into Scotland to their nearby chemical plant, the company said.
It is their unconscious assumption that the Earth exists for humans and that its total meaning is derived from us.
Ex-Im said the move would support approximately 100 US jobs in Houston and Cincinnati, according to bank estimates derived from US Departments of Commerce and Labor data and methodology.
The transaction will support an estimated 700 American jobs in the aircraft and aircraft-engine manufacturing industry, according to an Ex-Im Bank estimate derived from US Departments of Commerce and Labor data and methodology.
According to estimates derived from US Census Bureau statistics, the line of credit will support approximately 5,000 US jobs across 17 states.
What benefit is derived from us hearing former friends and business associates of Mr.
Our Chief Executive believes that "Quality is vital for our business performance." Extreme care is taken that the products produced at our manufacturing facility conforms exactly to the label specifications which are derived from US and European Pharmacopeias.
But the financial support we provide, great as it may be-far greater than that of certain tax-avoiding billionaires-is as nothing compared to the psychological benefits derived from us by the non-punting majority.