derive (something) from (someone or something)

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derive (something) from (someone or something)

1. To gain something from a particular source. Liz definitely derived her athletic ability from her father, who used to be a professional baseball player. My mother derives great joy from cooking, but I simply don't.
2. To originate or emerge from a particular source. I think this word derives from Greek, but what does it say in the dictionary?
3. To trace the genesis or origin of something to a particular source. After a period of careful study, the linguist derived that term from Latin.
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derive something from someone or something

to draw or abstract something from someone or something. She derives a lot of spiritual support from her religion. She derives her patience from her mother.
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derive something from something

to show how something is descended from something else. Is it possible to derive this word from Greek? Is this word derived from Latin?
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derive from something

to come from something; to evolve from something. (Usually in reference to a word and its etymological history.) This word derives from an ancient Celtic word. What does the English word skirt derive from?
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derive from

1. To obtain or receive something from some source: I derive great pleasure from listening to music.
2. To issue or originate from some source: The word "peninsula" derives from the Latin words for "almost" and "island."
3. To trace the origin or development of something, as a word, from some source: The language scholar derived the word from ancient Greek.
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References in classic literature ?
The popular account of them is partly derived from one or two passages in his Dialogues interpreted without regard to their poetical environment.
The term "Charleville" is actually an unofficial modern nickname derived from one of the more common makers of the gun.
An important activity of amniotic fluid stem cells is that cells derived from one person can be used to treat other people, making them "universal donor" stem cells, the company said.
Mtime designs, manufactures and sells high-end movie merchandise derived from one licensed movie IP portfolios.
Upasana -- the title is derived from one of Ramavarma's famous songs -- will be anchored by Varma.
The system must be homogeneous solution derived from one manufacturer Purchaser does not allow for the application software was created from scratch by the Contractor for the execution of the Contract.
All credit scores are derived from one of the three credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian or TransUnion.
These dandelion innovations will significantly contribute to solving the worldwide need for increased natural rubber production and diversification that have until now been solely derived from one species, the Hevea tree, which grows in only a few major production areas, according to the company.
Chodas says it's possible, though far from proven, that a family of asteroids derived from one parent body might have Earth-threatening orbits.
There are quite a few unique deletions and amplifications in the genomes of neurons derived from one iPSC line.
It is derived from one of the cleanest living animals in the whole wide world, a true vegetarian if ever there was one.
Fulyzaq, a complex mixture derived from one or more plant materials with varying degrees of purification, is the first botanical oral drug approved by the agency.
These differences were revealed in iPS cells because each iPS line is derived from one, or very few, skin cells.
The scientists also found that neurons derived from one of the two patients with sporadic AD exhibited biochemical changes possibly linked to the disease.
The decision is unlikely to affect the overall supply of Advagraf as the recall only affects batches derived from one parent batch of Advagraf 0.