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derive (something) from (someone or something)

1. To gain something from a particular source. Liz definitely derived her athletic ability from her father, who used to be a professional baseball player. My mother derives great joy from cooking, but I simply don't.
2. To originate or emerge from a particular source. I think this word derives from Greek, but what does it say in the dictionary?
3. To trace the genesis or origin of something to a particular source. After a period of careful study, the linguist derived that term from Latin.
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derive from something

to come from something; to evolve from something. (Usually in reference to a word and its etymological history.) This word derives from an ancient Celtic word. What does the English word skirt derive from?
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derive something from someone or something

to draw or abstract something from someone or something. She derives a lot of spiritual support from her religion. She derives her patience from her mother.
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derive something from something

to show how something is descended from something else. Is it possible to derive this word from Greek? Is this word derived from Latin?
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derive from

1. To obtain or receive something from some source: I derive great pleasure from listening to music.
2. To issue or originate from some source: The word "peninsula" derives from the Latin words for "almost" and "island."
3. To trace the origin or development of something, as a word, from some source: The language scholar derived the word from ancient Greek.
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Interventional derived injuries are caused by interventions performed by surgeons to save a patient's life or to treat a specific injury.
These items are palindromes derived by transposing a single letter from either word edge to the opposite word edge.
All the three soils derived from three different parent materials showed that the soils are rich in clay content which can be confirmed by pressure faces and non' intersecting slickensides in subsurface horizon, which yield in high CEC in all three soils.
A discount for lack of marketability often is applied when the initial value is derived from comparison to marketable interests, such as publicly-traded stock, when the portion you want valued is not publicly-traded.
Less than 5% of the gross receipts are derived from the lease, rental, license, sale, exchange or other disposition of the property (exclusive of gross receipts from qualified warranties).
Principles for the risk analysis of foods derived from modern biotechnology (CAC/GL 44-2003); Scope and definitions: Principles; Guidelines for the conduct of food safety assessment of foods derived from recombinant-DNA plants; Scope; Definitions: Introduction to food safety assessment; General considerations; Other considerations; Annex: Assessment of possible allergenicity; Guideline for the conduct of food safety assessment of foods produced using recombinant-DNA microorganisms (CAC/GL 46-2003); Scope; Definitions; Introduction to food safety assessment; General considerations; Annex: Assessment of possible allergenicity.
any lease, rental, license, sale, exchange, or other disposition of most forms of personal property, including tangible personal property, software, sound recordings, qualified films, and certain revenues derived from the production of electricity, natural gas, or potable water;
Manufacturers handling finished foods and food ingredients in Europe also must comply with the traceability, requirements, meaning they must keep records regarding any foods, ingredients and additives derived from genetically modified sources: where they came from and where they went.
Other isoprenoids include the flavoring menthol, carotenoids (useful for combating ultraviolet damage), and Taxol (an anticancer agent derived from the Pacific yew).
For example, for the current 2001 reporting period, the Los Angeles Unified School District reported a four-year derived dropout rate of 23.
For example, some Canadian academic libraries employ paraprofessionals for derived and/or original cataloging within particular subject areas.
The expectation is compared with the recorded amount--or other benchmarks derived from recorded amounts--to assess the potential for misstatement.
Washington, July 20 ( ANI ): Endothelial colony-forming cells (ECFCs) derived from human placenta are better for forming blood vessels than the ECFCs derived from umbilical cord blood, according to a new study.
Cytori Therapeutics carries out research focusing on stem and regenerative cells derived from adipose tissue, commonly known as fat.