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derive (something) from (someone or something)

1. To gain something from a particular source. Liz definitely derived her athletic ability from her father, who used to be a professional baseball player. My mother derives great joy from cooking, but I simply don't.
2. To originate or emerge from a particular source. I think this word derives from Greek, but what does it say in the dictionary?
3. To trace the genesis or origin of something to a particular source. After a period of careful study, the linguist derived that term from Latin.
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derive from something

to come from something; to evolve from something. (Usually in reference to a word and its etymological history.) This word derives from an ancient Celtic word. What does the English word skirt derive from?
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derive something from someone or something

to draw or abstract something from someone or something. She derives a lot of spiritual support from her religion. She derives her patience from her mother.
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derive something from something

to show how something is descended from something else. Is it possible to derive this word from Greek? Is this word derived from Latin?
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derive from

1. To obtain or receive something from some source: I derive great pleasure from listening to music.
2. To issue or originate from some source: The word "peninsula" derives from the Latin words for "almost" and "island."
3. To trace the origin or development of something, as a word, from some source: The language scholar derived the word from ancient Greek.
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Wing and Richardson (2002) suggested that it is inappropriate to apply radiation risk estimates derived from the follow-up of the Japanese atomic-bomb survivors to persons exposed chronically to low doses of radiation.
The sport's name was derived from the various forms of martial arts it includes: karate (KA), judo and jujitsu (JU), kenpo (KEN) and boxing (BO).
A derived injury is an injury directly caused by a primary injury that has already occurred to the body.
In addition, the EVs derived from rat bone marrow-derived MSCs (rBMSC-EVs) can protect the rat pheochromocytoma PC12 cells against the excitotoxicity induced by glutamate.
In other words a palindrome can be derived by moving the leftmost letter in a word to its right edge, e.g.
All selected soils are deep, basalt derived Bidar soil is moderately deep and the schist derived Hira and the limestone derived Shahabad soils are deep.
Conrad and his colleagues examined two groups of mice that involve myeloid derived suppressor cells, where the first group was infected with a rodent intestinal helminth to simulate a strong allergic response.
Shanghai-based TSI Group's CEO Joe Zhou has stated that its non-shellfish derived GlucosaGreen glucosamine products will not be subject to the U.K.
Derived categories in algebraic geometry; proceedings.
In the new study, this structure spontaneously emerged from human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) -- cells derived from human embryos that are capable of developing into a variety of tissues -- thanks to the cell culture methods optimized by Sasai and his team.
This supplement contains documentation on all the derived variables contained in the TEDS-M educator and future teacher data files.
A flu vaccine derived from cell culture proved as effective as currently available flu vaccines but would be less susceptible to manufacturing problems, according to a recent study.
Teijin Fibers' ECO CIRCLE PlantFiber is made roughly 30 percent from biofuels derived from biomass such as sugarcane.
MARYLAND-BASED MARTEK BIOSCIENCES CORPORATION created a microalgae-derived form of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), an omega-3 fatty acid important for brain, eye, and heart health and often derived from fish oil.