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deputize (one) as (something)

To temporarily grant one a position of power or authority. Because I'm going on vacation, I deputized my assistant as my surrogate.
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deputize someone as something

to assign someone the temporary power to act in some official capacity. The sheriff deputized Chuck as an aid during the uprising. Chuck was deputized as an officer of the law.
See also: deputize
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'By deputizing labor leaders, the number of inspections of establishments using subcontracting schemes can be multiplied overnight, enforcement can be strengthened immediately, and hundreds of thousands of contractual workers can be regularized as a result,' said PM national chair Rene Magtubo.
Deputizing for Commander of the Gendarmerie, Colonel Hussein Harahsha oversaw the finals of the Kingdom's 1st Arnes Martial Arts Tournament, at Prince Rashed Hall, with the participation of seven centers: Ansar, Saif, Qabdah, Black Horse, Nusour, Markah and Tha'er, in addition to Prince Hussein Brigade's team, which received the tournament's trophy plus six Gold medals.
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