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deputize (one) as (something)

To temporarily grant one a position of power or authority. Because I'm going on vacation, I deputized my assistant as my surrogate.
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deputize someone as something

to assign someone the temporary power to act in some official capacity. The sheriff deputized Chuck as an aid during the uprising. Chuck was deputized as an officer of the law.
See also: deputize
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Deputizing for HM King Abdullah II, Prime Minister Nader Dahabi inaugurated on Tuesday the new headquarters of Jordan Press Association (JPA).
Deputizing for HM Queen Rania, Minister of Social Development Hala Latouf inaugurated on Wednesday the new center of Operation Smile Jordan (OSJ).
Deputizing for HM King Abdullah II, Queen Rania attended the reception held on Tuesday to commemorate the launching of the Jordanian feature film "Captain Abu Raed", written and directed by Amin Matalqa.
Deputizing for Commander of the Gendarmerie, Colonel Hussein Harahsha oversaw the finals of the Kingdom's 1st Arnes Martial Arts Tournament, at Prince Rashed Hall, with the participation of seven centers: Ansar, Saif, Qabdah, Black Horse, Nusour, Markah and Tha'er, in addition to Prince Hussein Brigade's team, which received the tournament's trophy plus six Gold medals.
Deputizing for HM King Abdullah II, Prince Ali Bin Nayef patronized on Wednesday the celebrations held to celebrate the Hijri New Year at the Islamic Cultural Center, part of King Abdullah I Mosque.
Deputizing for HM King Abdullah II, Prince Faisal Bin Al-Hussain patronized the Diamond Anniversary of al-Faisali Sports Club, which was held on Monday, at the swimming pool terrace of Al-Hussein's Sport City.
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