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deputize (one) as (something)

To temporarily grant one a position of power or authority. Because I'm going on vacation, I deputized my assistant as my surrogate.
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deputize someone as something

to assign someone the temporary power to act in some official capacity. The sheriff deputized Chuck as an aid during the uprising. Chuck was deputized as an officer of the law.
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We have asked the LGUs to deputize our men in order to give more teeth to local ordinances," Garcia said.
Under the Constitution, the COMELEC is empowered to deputize, with the concurrence of the President, law enforcement agencies and other government offices to ensure free, orderly, honest, and credible elections.
The Regional Development Council (RDC) already passed last Wednesday a resolution enjoining the Land Transportation Office (LTO) Region III to deputize local government units (LGUs) in apprehending overloaded trucks and trailers.
Angeles GeA~orga to organize a training program on traffic enforcement with the Land Transportation Office, and to deputize more cops to reduce road accidents and traffic violations province-wide.
Earlier, President Duterte ordered the DOLE to deputize workers' unions and their staff members to help conduct establishments for their compliance of labor laws and standards.
The Partido Manggagawa (PM), meanwhile, has urged the government to deputize union leaders as labor inspectors to help in the campaign.
Pangan welcomed the offer of Ugnayan to serve as additional mountain guards but said the power to deputize rests with the office of the regional director of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).
Before leaving on his new mission, Chen deputizes his assistant to carry on the investigation in Shanghai.