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deputize (one) as (something)

To temporarily grant one a position of power or authority. Because I'm going on vacation, I deputized my assistant as my surrogate.
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deputize someone as something

to assign someone the temporary power to act in some official capacity. The sheriff deputized Chuck as an aid during the uprising. Chuck was deputized as an officer of the law.
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(253.) See supra text accompanying notes 169-170; ROMEO & DYE, supra note 169, [section] 2.04 (discussing the "deputization" theory pursuant to which an entity that has a board representative can sometimes itself become subject to the Section 16 profits-disgorgement rule).
Larry Cunningham, Note, Deputization of Indian Prosecutors: Protecting
This ipso facto deputization of white people in the face of Black people accounts for Fanon's materiality, and Martinot and Sexton's Manichean delirium in America.
The National League of Cities is requesting that local officials contact the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to seek federal deputization for local police officers serving at airports.
The guidelines empowered the BOC and the BIR with deputization and 'police authority' during field testing.
These enhancements to credit operations are: Exemption of collaterals from attachments, executions and other restrictions; deputization of legal staff in foreclosure cases; take possession of foreclosed property without posting a bond; and unsecured claims shall be considered preferred credits.
Deputization confers upon private police the same powers granted to the public police.
The second involves increased "interagency cooperation" between local law enforcement and the INS, including, in some instances, the "deputization" of police for immigration-related issues.
"If a mayor cannot enforce law and order in their municipality, I will just withdraw his deputization. They are deputies of the Napolcom (National Police Commission), they have the guidance and direction.
Children categorized as "underinsured" (because their health plans do not include coverage for recommended vaccinations) may receive VFC vaccines if they are served by a rural health clinic or federally qualified health center or under an approved deputization agreement.
Following the discussion of perpetrators is an examination of what they and their advocates offered as rhetorical (if not legal) "justifications" for these acts, including "self-defense," defense of property, "necessity" (public health and military metaphors), and "deputization" for "norm enforcement" purposes.
'Further, (military) transport equipment within (Eastmincom) control, such as floating and flying assets, are on alert status and will be deployed, if necessary, upon the deputization and order of the Comelec,' Balagtey said.
After getting their certification of deputization, the trained labor inspectors will be deployed to the regions and industries they came from.