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deprive (one) of (something)

To keep one from doing, having, or accessing something. I would never deprive you the opportunity to follow your dreams! They don't want to get divorced and deprive their children of a stable home.
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deprive someone of something

to take something away from someone. If you don't behave, I will deprive you of your driving rights. They deprived themselves of a good time by pouting.
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deprive of

To keep someone from possessing or enjoying something; take something away from someone: The war had deprived the refugees of a normal childhood.
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depriving my children by having them drink water for every meal instead
How am I depriving my children by having them eat an apple or
Similarly, Yasir Masroor filed a complaint against Malik Shahid of Kot Addu for depriving him of Rs 300,000 for sending him Saudi Arabia.
LAHORE -- The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Monday arrested four persons for depriving three citizens of their hard earned money fraudulently.
"We have always supported empowerment of women and enforcement of the law and depriving women of their right to vote is not only unacceptable but also illegal.
LAHORE -- The Lahore High Court on Thursday dismissed a pre-arrest bail application of accused- Manzoor Hussain -allegedly involved in depriving a man of one of his kidneys on failure to pay the interest on a Rs 10,000 loan.
During the hearing, the defence counsel submitted that Hanjarwal police had registered a case against the accused on charges of depriving victim Irfan of one of his kidneys.