deprive (one) of (something)

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deprive (one) of (something)

To keep one from doing, having, or accessing something. I would never deprive you the opportunity to follow your dreams! They don't want to get divorced and deprive their children of a stable home.
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deprive someone of something

to take something away from someone. If you don't behave, I will deprive you of your driving rights. They deprived themselves of a good time by pouting.
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deprive of

To keep someone from possessing or enjoying something; take something away from someone: The war had deprived the refugees of a normal childhood.
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Losing one or both breasts to cancer does not deprive one of their womanhood.
The author realizes that the main goal of totalitarian systems is to deprive one of trust in other human beings--not human beings as a group, but individual persons, those whom we meet in daily life.
Elliott will be desperate to face the club he quit to join Sunderland and, while McCarthy has yet to confirm his team, it would be hard to deprive one of Manchester City's most-promising prospects of recent times the chance to showcase his talents tomorrow.
To deprive one of their livelihood is to "take the bread out of their children's months," and many a prisoner has been punished with a diet of bread and water.
Insane because the institution, although it exists ostensibly to deprive one of her liberty or to detain her in the belly of the society for the protection of others, does much more.
They also know that a win tonight will deprive one of the club's below them of valuable points.
deprive one of the Ayr youngsters of the opportunity to chance their arm against the Old Firm giants.
Deprive one of the other and you have, in effect, nothing.
Having earlier failed to book Jamie Carragher for a karate chop, Elleray thought it right to deprive one of football's most honest pros the chance to play in an FA Cup final for poking a ball away.