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deprive (someone) of (something)

To keep one from doing, having, or accessing something. I would never deprive you the opportunity to follow your dreams! They don't want to get divorced and deprive their children of a stable home.
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deprive someone of something

to take something away from someone. If you don't behave, I will deprive you of your driving rights. They deprived themselves of a good time by pouting.
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deprive of

To keep someone from possessing or enjoying something; take something away from someone: The war had deprived the refugees of a normal childhood.
See also: deprive, of
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At the recent meeting with Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico, said Arseniy Yatsenyuk, "Slovakia made the same tough statement, as the building of the second branch of the South Stream deprives Slovakia of $800 million.
Specifically, the Complaint alleges that the defendants perpetrated a fraud upon the market for shares of Coram common stock, by circulating materially false and misleading statements and/or omissions in press releases and otherwise, designed to artificially deflate the market price of Coram stock, in furtherance of a plan designed to deprive its stockholders of the value of their equity in the said stock, and provide for Coram's emergence from bankruptcy proceedings as a "privately held company," depriving plaintiffs and the proposed class of Coram stockholders of fair compensation for the value of their Coram common stock.
However, the Plan will deter any attempt to acquire control of the Company through use of abusive tactics that are calculated to deprive our shareholders of fair value and deprive the Board of Directors of their ability to play a role in determining the Company's future.
Satellite must carry is a major roadblock to the continued roll-out of local channels in areas outside the largest markets and will deprive Americans in mid-size and smaller markets of local television over their satellite systems.
The Web is about open communication and connecting people, and proprietary platforms only deprive consumers - ours and AOL's.
That attempt to deprive NextWave of its licenses is baseless.
The FCC's belated attempt to deprive NextWave of its statutory rights is improper and invalid.
A lawsuit that the city of El Segundo threatens to file the day before Thanksgiving is nothing more than a transparent attempt to deprive all citizens of the public review process that is a part of the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) modernization project, said John J.
War deprives children of safety, health and education.
When the loss of sight deprives young eyes of visual experience, other faculties fill the void: Brain regions traditionally thought to handle only vision commit to duties ranging from touch processing to verbal memory.
For example, while the lawsuit contends that a rent regulation law must permit owners to receive a fair and reasonable return on their property in order to pass constitutional muster, the state, it its response, maintains that such a law is not unconstitutional unless it deprives owners of all economically viable use of their property.
The trade associations told the Supreme Court that the 10th Circuit's decision deprives the petitioner of that right, while a ruling by the 1st Circuit supported that right.
This deprives local residents, especially those who are unable to travel, of access to a decent range of goods and services.