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paint a (some kind of) picture of (something)

To give an elaborate or detailed description of something that portrays it in a specific way. The board meeting painted a pretty grim picture of the company's future. Jonathan always paints an idyllic picture of our childhood, glossing over the bad memories of our father.
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paint a terrible, depressing, rosy, etc. ˈpicture (of somebody/something)

describe something in a particular way; give a particular impression of somebody/something, often a negative one: You paint a depressing picture of your childhood!People who don’t like students paint the worst possible picture of their behaviour.The book paints a vivid picture of life in the city.
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Depressed skull fracture over superior sagittal sinus (SSS) is the commonest type of dural venous sinus injury with significant morbidity and mortality.
Those scoring >8/9 on self reporting questionnaire (SRQ) and >12 on Edinburgh postnatal depression scale (EPDS) were included in depressed group whereas those scoring <8/9 on SRQ and 8/9 on self reporting questionnaire (SRQ) were administered edinburgh postnatal depression scale (EPDS) for conformation of depression and only those scoring above 12 on EPDS were included in depressed study group.
Depressed people are also rejected in other, more formal social interactions, for example, those occurring within their workplace.
The 14 depressed cases who completed the assessments included 9 males and 5 females with a mean (sd) age of 32.4 (7.5) years and a range in ages from 19 to 54.
- 71% of depressed people get sidetracked easily by obstacles to their goals (vs.
Conclusion: This study highlighted the significance of mothers role in the academic achievement of their children and it do reflect significant difference of achievement related to computational skills between children of depressed and non depressed mothers.
Whether a mother passes her genes to her own children or raises adopted children, the research found that simply living with a depressed mother raised the chances of these emotions being passed down "environmentally" on to her children.
Researchers report that having a depressed mother substantially ups a teenager's likelihood of becoming depressed, even if he or she was adopted and shares no genes with the mother.
A new study shows for the first time that older people with low levels of vitamin D and elevated levels of parathyroid hormone (PTH, a hormone that regulates blood calcium levels) are more likely to be depressed than those with normal levels.
Individuals with major depressive disorder report being depressed most of time and often cannot provide a reason or identify a loss to explain their depressed mood.
Depressed mood is associated with feelings of unhappiness or sadness, which may last a couple of hours or possibly days.
IS IT just me or is anyone else slightly bothered about the fact Alastair Campbell and David Blunkett have revealed they were clinically depressed while holding high Government office?
Using data from the Medicare Health Outcomes Survey (HOS), we profile the mental health status of Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in managed care by examining the association between two measures of mental health: depressed mood and the mental component summary (MCS) score of the RAND[R] 36-Item Health Survey (RAND[R] SF-361) and sociodemographic characteristics, comorbidity, and disability.
When the cannon is elevated and depressed, it's normal to see several drops of oil coming from the two vent holes on the elevation cylinder.
But understanding how a person makes herself depressed is key to changing the way she feels.