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deposit (something) in(to) (something)

To insert something into a designated repository. Don't worry, I deposited the invitations into the mailbox on my way to work. Once I deposit my paycheck into my bank account, I'll be able to pay you back.
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on deposit

In a bank account. You need to keep a good bit of money on deposit at the bank for just these kinds of emergency situations.
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deposit something in(to) something

to put something into something. Please deposit your chewing gum into the wastebasket. You should deposit your money in the bank.
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Among the economic factors, low income, high consumption, low savings, low rate of return offered by banks to depositors and presence of informal banking channels play a major role in restricting access to banking facilities.
Depositors often claim that they were denied crucial information to which they were entitled.
'The objective of DPC is to compensate the small and financially unsophisticated depositors to the extent of protected deposits in the unlikely event of a bank failure,' said the SBP.
The funds deposited in the joint deposit account are under co-ownership because the ownership or right over the same belongs to different persons, the joint depositors. Co-ownership is that state where an undivided thing belongs to two or more persons.
New Delhi [India], Jan 3 ( ANI ): Following media reports on bail-in provisions under the Financial Resolution and Deposit Insurance (FRDI) Bill, 2017, Department of Economic Affairs Secretary Subhash Chandra Garg on Wednesday claimed that these provisions would not be applicable to around 98 percent of depositors.
While the deposits of all state-owned banks were protected through government guarantees at the time of nationalization, de-nationalization coupled with entry of new banks has left the safety of deposits to an arbitrary and implicit depositors protection by the government or the State Bank of Pakistan in case of private-sector owned bank fails.
The State Bank of Pakistan has always worked to safeguard the interests of depositors as well as the banking system of the country.
Both the depositor and cooking equipment in the Innovation Centre replicate precisely the procedure of a full-size plant--results can be scaled up accurately for research, product development and test marketing purposes, with the minimum of time, effort and cost.
Each depositor can make withdrawals when he receives signals in period 1.
Britain has secured agreement from the Icelandic authorities to repay the Au2.3 billion paid out by the Government in compensation to UK depositors in the failed Icesave bank, the Treasury has said.
For a number of years now bankers have under priced the risks associated with many types of lending and pushed the pricing burden onto depositors. Loan volumes grew and deposit volumes languished.
The Icelandic depositor protection scheme should have covered the first EUR20,887 (pounds 17,844) people lost, with the UK's Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) topping this up to the firstpounds 50,000.
The Icelandic depositor protection scheme should always have covered the first pounds 17,844 people lost, with the UK's Financial Services Compensation Scheme topping this up to pounds 50,000.
The agreement states that the Icelandic government will compensate each Dutch depositor up to a maximum of EUR20,887.
The Volumetric Depositor from Columbus, Ohio, USA-headquartered Grote is said to be ideal for depositing, injecting and decorating with all types of liquid and semi-liquid food products.