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deposit (something) in(to) (something)

To insert something into a designated repository. Don't worry, I deposited the invitations into the mailbox on my way to work. Once I deposit my paycheck into my bank account, I'll be able to pay you back.
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deposit something in(to) something

to put something into something. Please deposit your chewing gum into the wastebasket. You should deposit your money in the bank.
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The share or portion belonging to the joint depositors in the joint deposit account shall be presumed equal and the benefits as well as the charges in the joint account shall be proportional to their respective shares (Banking Laws of the Philippines, BSP, Vol.
Remaining also subject to bail in if the depositors consent," Garg tweeted.
Most likely, had the acronym GSIS not been attached to the bank's name, the depositors would have not trusted-and would not have deposited their money with-GSIS Family Savings Bank.
While the deposits of all state-owned banks were protected through government guarantees at the time of nationalization, de-nationalization coupled with entry of new banks has left the safety of deposits to an arbitrary and implicit depositors protection by the government or the State Bank of Pakistan in case of private-sector owned bank fails.
The State Bank of Pakistan has always worked to safeguard the interests of depositors as well as the banking system of the country.
Both the depositor and cooking equipment in the Innovation Centre replicate precisely the procedure of a full-size plant--results can be scaled up accurately for research, product development and test marketing purposes, with the minimum of time, effort and cost.
Each depositor is endowed with one unit of consumption good ex ante and nothing ex post.
But Iceland has said it will pay foreign depositors the first EUR20,887 as it is obliged to do.
The rules will also oblige banks to reimburse depositors whose savings were withdrawn with stolen bankbooks, the sources said.
To address the fundamental obstacle to minimising give-away, Steck have launched a new digital readout, microprocessor based indicator back, a world first for a pneumatic depositor.
However, although the FDIC may not obtain funds from the asset sales immediately, unlike most other insurance companies (for example automobile or fire insurers), it attempts to pay the insured deposits as promptly as possible to reduce depositor illiquidity.
When customers deposited money with the bank and the bank issued CDs, debtor-creditor relationships were created between the bank and the depositors.
Protected depositors may also not be paid in full immediately if the insurance agency has no authority o r procedures for advancing payment before receipt of the sales proceeds, or if there is insufficient time to collect and process the necessary data on who are the insured depositors and how much is insured for each depositor.
Dowd claims that the resources left in the bank, after all deposit payouts have been made and assuming that each depositor asks for the withdrawal intended for his type, would be KR + [t + (1 - t)R] - [t[r.