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deposit (something) in(to) (something)

To insert something into a designated repository. Don't worry, I deposited the invitations into the mailbox on my way to work. Once I deposit my paycheck into my bank account, I'll be able to pay you back.
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deposit something in(to) something

to put something into something. Please deposit your chewing gum into the wastebasket. You should deposit your money in the bank.
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Researchers are asked to contact QUALIDATA as early as possible to discuss the archival potential of their data, preferably before any qualitative research has begun, and to consider depositing as soon as the first piece of substantive analysis has been written.
Indeed, many employers are effectively compelled to overpay their payroll tax obligations because of the difficulties associated with accurately calculating and depositing payroll taxes, especially where multiple payrolls (generated at varying locations), seasonal workforces, and non-routine payments are involved.