deposit in

deposit (something) in(to) (something)

To insert something into something else. Don't worry, I deposited the invitations into the mailbox on my way to work. Once I deposit my paycheck into my bank account, I'll be able to pay you back.
See also: deposit

deposit something in(to) something

to put something into something. Please deposit your chewing gum into the wastebasket. You should deposit your money in the bank.
See also: deposit
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Dubai: New tenants have to pay a higher utility security deposit in Dubai but existing utility customers in their current premises will not be impacted, officials confirmed on Wednesday.
Only shares that are actually on deposit in a broker's account can be borrowed.
This ranks the Arctic deposit in the top VMS deposits in the world based on in-situ metal value.
1991) (affirmative defense of breach of contract); Federal Deposit Ins.
Compensation and benefits 8,080 7,228 15,797 14,356 Occupancy and equipment 2,272 2,405 4,552 4,739 Federal deposit ins.
Compensation and benefits 7,717 7,127 Occupancy and equipment 2,280 2,334 Federal deposit ins.
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