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deport someone (from some place) (to some other place)

to expel or exile someone from one place to another, usually back to their prior country of residence. The government deported Jane from this country to her homeland. They deported Tom to Brazil from this country.
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The Minister admitted that on occasion the cost of deporting disruptive people like the Ghanaian drug dealer in March can become very expensive.
Dr Abdullah Mahmoud Ustadi, head of the infectious diseases department at Rashid Hospital, said deporting TB patients would not free up much-needed bed space.
A Residents Against Racism spokeswoman said: "His ideological obsession with deporting people makes him unfit to be in charge of the asylum
Meissner said the program has been effective because of the additional funds provided by Congress and that the agency is now deporting about 1,000 illegal immigrants a week.
It seems to us that the INS's new, straightforward method of identifying people already behind bars, and deporting them quickly, makes perfect sense.
Chaudhry Nisar said the Interior Ministry has dispatched a communique to IOM, asking them to get clearance from the Interior Ministry before deporting Pakistanis.
Neither self-respect of the Pakistanis was kept in mind nor legal formalities with regard to bilateral agreements were fulfilled while deporting them, he said in a statement.
We understand that some harassment victims do not want to file complaints or report cases because they want to avoid what they see as a scandal, so it is our duty to take action against the reckless expatriates who did not respect the country's laws and people by deporting them," Al Tabbakh said last week.
But the city's moves to hand out swift punishments to those allegedly involved in the riot has caused some activists to accuse the government of arbitrarily deporting people without proper due process.
Libyan authorities have taken measures against Egyptians who have recently illegally entered Libyan territories by capturing two boats on Thursday and deporting over 100 people.
THE Indian government is miffed with the Saudi Arabian authorities for dithering on deporting alleged Indian Mujahideen terrorist Fasih Mehmood after promising to do so after Ramzaan.
The United States and Mexico are also in talks to start deporting such undocumented immigrants deeper into Mexico instead of releasing them at the border.
European countries are once again deporting those who have failed to obtain refugee status.
Summary: Tory MPs have called on the Home Secretary to "become a national hero" and deporting a terror suspect.
22 (ANI): Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney told a Boston radio host Wednesday that he supports deporting President Barack Obama's undocumented Kenyan-born uncle.