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deport someone (from some place) (to some other place)

to expel or exile someone from one place to another, usually back to their prior country of residence. The government deported Jane from this country to her homeland. They deported Tom to Brazil from this country.
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They cited that previously too, the court had restrained the federal authorities from deporting the Turkish nationals who were teaching in the school.
The Interior Ministry, he said, had written a letter to the International Organization for Migration, asking to seek its clearance before deporting Pakistanis.
Libyan authorities have taken measures against Egyptians who have recently illegally entered Libyan territories by capturing two boats on Thursday and deporting over 100 people.
The United States and Mexico are also in talks to start deporting such undocumented immigrants deeper into Mexico instead of releasing them at the border.
European countries are once again deporting those who have failed to obtain refugee status.
Summary: Tory MPs have called on the Home Secretary to "become a national hero" and deporting a terror suspect.
22 (ANI): Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney told a Boston radio host Wednesday that he supports deporting President Barack Obama's undocumented Kenyan-born uncle.
Kick out the convicts PRESIDENT Sarkozy of France had had his wrist slapped by the European Commission for deporting more than 8,000 illegal Roma immigrants.
Salloukh, in a conversation with the paper, said that the Lebanese government has not accused the UAE of deporting Lebanese citizens, adding that the matter is "being followed up based on the brotherly relations" between Lebanon and the UAE.
The effort is aimed at deporting illegal immigrants who commit crimes, rather than those who otherwise obey the law, which is a goal of the Obama administration.
It would be deeply worrying if the Law Lords' decision were taken by the UK government as a green light to push ahead with deporting people to countries where they will be at risk of abuses such as torture and unfair trials," said Amnesty's Nicola Duckworth.
Years ago Britain used to deport criminals to Australia; now in 2008 Australia is deporting one of their own criminals to Britain.
The consequences of this dereliction of duty are obvious, as Kauflin's report shows, but McDonald added even more examples of what not deporting illegal aliens means for law-abiding Americans.
The revelations come after the Mirror revealed Home Secretary John Reid was facing huge difficulties deporting freed foreign prisoners.