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deport someone (from some place) (to some other place)

to expel or exile someone from one place to another, usually back to their prior country of residence. The government deported Jane from this country to her homeland. They deported Tom to Brazil from this country.
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We arrest people and they are deported, but they soon return.
If non-Muslims commit adultery they will be jailed and deported.
The mother said: "I wanted him jailed and then deported.
Between October 2001 and June 2002, nearly 500 Filipinos were deported from the United States, according to the INS.
Only on arrival were they told that they would be deported.
In 2000, Philip Wood, 47 one of three brothers dubbed the ``Canadian Krays'' was deported.
The Iraqis - who were originally granted political asylum by US officials - were deported back to Iraq on Friday (14 February) after the US withdrew its offer of political asylum.
If the State Department labels a group as terrorist then all of its members and supporters, even if they were never involved in any act of violence, can be excluded or deported from the United States.
Several dozen illegal Chinese were deported today back to China on board a special flight.
Since applications, which list family members, are confidential, that doesn't mean children and spouses will be deported.
The State Bar Court Review Department has affirmed a recommendation that San Francisco immigration attorney Miguel Gadda (#64832) be disbarred from the practice of law for multiple acts of misconduct, including five instances in which his clients were ordered deported.
Pakistan will only accept the deported illegal Pakistanis only after confirmation of their documents, citizenship and involvement in crime.
Islamabad: Pakistanis deported from other countries over forged documents will now face prosecution and a possible seven years in jail, according to a report quoting a Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) official.
Punishment will be increased depending on the number of violations and individuals involved, while violating expats will be deported and prevented from entering the Kingdom for a specific period," the ministry said in a statement.
Libyan authorities deported 171 Egyptians from the country