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deplete (something) of (something)

To use all of a resource from an available supply. The rainforest will be depleted of trees if our generation doesn't take action now.
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deplete something of something

to use up all of a certain thing that something has. They will deplete the soil of its nutrients by planting the same crop over and over.
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In this line of reasoning, the proceeds of the sale of depletable commodities should be devoted to capital investment, which includes additions to physical as well as human capital (education and health expenditures).
If intangible drilling costs are incurred under a drilling contract (e.g., a turnkey contract), the intangible drilling costs under the contract must be allocated between depletable and depreciable classes of costs for purposes of calculating depletion and depreciation at the partner level.
He pointed out that despite the noticeable decline in oil prices in the past, yet prices of commodities in manufacturing countries did not remain the same, which is "unjust for our depletable commodity that is oil.
In the third text, A Theoretical Essay on Sustainability and Environmentally Balanced Output Growth: Natural Capital, Constrained Depletion of Resources and Pollution Generation, Augusto Marcos Carvalho de Sena offers "a clear definition of natural capital, connects it to a qualitative concept of sustainability and, supported by two analytical models and a set of studies on related environmental literature, to show that sustainability can be attained via imposition of controls over production processes that use depletable natural resources and generate pollution".
He further added that the oil is a depletable product.
The impact is determined by the amount of depletable raw materials and nonrenewable resources a company consumes to make its products and the quantity of waste and emissions that are generated in the process (
Those extra depletable carbon pools have sponsored a huge understanding of where we are and how we got here: the Copernican revolution, Newton's laws, Darwin's and Einstein's insights, plate tectonics, the Hubble telescope.
Such depletable fuels are also prone to rapid price escalations as well as significant price volatility, and exposed to sudden fluctuations in currency rates.
* increases for the partner's distributive share of the partnership's excess of depletion deductions over the basis of the depletable property, (17)
Since MLPs often own depreciable operational assets and depletable natural resources, the depreciation and depletion can be used by the unitholder as a tax shield.
He then placed depletable resources in a special category: "Resources that are being depleted obviously cannot be replaced and are therefore land, not capital goods....
Exclusivity in the realm of real property addresses the "tragedy of the commons." Providing exclusive rights to land and other tangible resources limits the overuse of inherently depletable resources.
And resources like oil (and even fish stocks) are depletable (OECD, 2004a).
Part IV projects the international dimension; a world of nation states facing diminished depletable natural resources, climate change, and biodiversity loss.
"This project will allow us to demonstrate how intelligently integrated sustainable technologies can come together to dramatically reduce energy consumption, providing a measure of relief to home and business owner's wallets and reducing the country's rate of consumption of depletable energy resources such as coal and natural gas," said Dr.