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depict (one) as (something)

To portray someone or something in a particular way. I'm worried that this biopic will depict me as a total diva. Don't depict me as a controlling mother when that's simply not true!
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depict someone as something

to show someone as something; to make someone appear to be something. He did report the fire, but it is going too far to depict him as a hero. The artist depicted himself as a much younger man than he really was.
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Another mosaic depicts Thetis, a Greek water goddess or sea nymph.
The Good Shepherd depicts CIA-directed B-26 Bombers providing air cover for the Bay of Pigs landing party, and being blown out of the sky by jets from the Cuban air force, who--thanks to the unintended leak to the KGB--knew exactly when and where to intercept the invaders.
One is always in a dialogue with the material, with what you're doing to it and with the person you are trying to depict.
On the verso of the left folio of the Bible are seventeen illuminations, sixteen of which depict scenes from Christ's Passion, Resurrection, and Ascension, and at the bottom can be read the opening words of St.
The book depicts, through its various stories, how we were happy without material things" she says.
The Golden Lens Award recognizes good photography that depicts the camp experience.
Note the deep elbow position in the photo, which depicts the mid-range position.
Table 1 depicts that 62% denoted very important, 33% denoted important to read aloud to their children, and 1% denoted that it is not at all important.
Each poem depicts an image of some aspect of existence (Life, Death and Eternity) in vivid, stream-of-consciousness word pictures.
The Celebrated Soubrette depicts the sad tale of a cabaret dancer past her prime and is danced to the lush strains of Le Tombeau de Liberace by Michael Daugherty, played with gusto by the London Musici and with Stephen Lade tickling the ivories in the style of the flamboyant candelabra-loving pianist.
SAN optimized for tape backup: Fig 3 depicts the basic configuration of a highly reliable fault tolerant SAN as described before.
Connecticut's new coin depicts the historic Charter Oak, a Hartford white oak that played a significant role in the state's history.
As I am proposing changes to the concept, my main emphasis is that the shape that depicts the Hierarchy of Needs, the triangle, must be altered.
The print depicts a white man kneeling in the position of the supplicant slave while a well-dressed black man strikes him, reversing the power relations suggested by the abolitionist seal.
Artists devoted to depiction, and even to naturalism, have frequently sought to endow their work with content over and above what it depicts -- not only to depict a lovely young woman but to represent the transience of youth; not only to depict a hopeful event but to present a visual image of hope itself.