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depict (one) as (something)

To portray someone or something in a particular way. I'm worried that this biopic will depict me as a total diva. Don't depict me as a controlling mother when that's simply not true!
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depict someone as something

to show someone as something; to make someone appear to be something. He did report the fire, but it is going too far to depict him as a hero. The artist depicted himself as a much younger man than he really was.
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It's difficult not to do so these days, of course; hysterical commentary rather than faithful depiction is all around us and we are quick to mistake trends for steady state truths.
It adds the Satanic Temple created its depiction of Baphomet in part "to promote First Amendment values of separation of church and state and equal protection".
She told RTE's Today with Sean O'Rourke: "I was a bit troubled by the depiction of Brian Lenihan Snr.
SIDON, Lebanon: MTV and the presenter of the Hayda Haki (This Talk) program apologized Wednesday for their depiction of Bahia Hariri, as news emerged that the Future MP was suing the channel over the incident.
Though these descriptions accurately reflect the depiction of God in key narratives, they fail to convey how God is revealed through his interactions, relationships, and frequent expressions of emotion.
Brown goes perhaps too far in seeking to align Monet's depiction of his wife posing in a garden in Springtime (1872) with Renaissance depictions of the pure unsullied Virgin.
Continue reading "Is 'Homeland's' Saul Berenson, Played By Mandy Patinkon, the Most Accurate Depiction of an American Jew on Television?" at...
The company said that using Wolfram's Computable Document Format (CDF), users can create visual depictions of their data sets, which then can be manipulated by others.
Roy's depiction of characters with Asperger's Syndrome seems authentic, but the technical namedropping (echolalia, neurotypical, asynchrony) and accompanying explanations, often threaten good storytelling, including the subplot involving Nathaniel's crush on Jessa.
However, the lawyers said that Islam bans the visual depiction of prophets, their wives and children as well as the companions of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).
The carvings consist of abstract geometrical art and a depiction of a human figure kneeling with its hands raised above the head.
Depiction is the form of representation distinctive of figurative paintings, drawings, and photographs.
I agree completely with what Rajendra Aneja has to say about the movie Slumdog Millionaire 'Grim Depiction,' (GDN, January 30).
The Brady Bunch once struck controversy with its depiction of divorce and remarriage for a family.