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depict (one) as (something)

To portray someone or something in a particular way. I'm worried that this biopic will depict me as a total diva. Don't depict me as a controlling mother when that's simply not true!
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depict someone as something

to show someone as something; to make someone appear to be something. He did report the fire, but it is going too far to depict him as a hero. The artist depicted himself as a much younger man than he really was.
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New York Times columnist Bill Keller wrote in September 2002 that the senator invited him to view 40 minutes of films Kerry made depicting his war exploits.
Percussive rhythm and pointillist effects propel this chant-like song depicting death as a beautiful woman marching on a road of bleached bones; difficult intervals, many sevenths and ninths.
Maurice (15), and by allusions to several specific works of art depicting black soldiers.
Chlouveraki , who is a member of the team tasked with establishing a lab for restoring mosaics in Hama National Museum, pointed out that Hama governorate contains a very important mosaic dating back to 362/363 AD depicting Socrates with six wise men standing around him.
Flee, 2004, is a loose watercolor depicting a group of running figures on a sketched-in ground.
Aware of the general significance of the pose in isolation, Giovanni Gerolamo Savoldo extends it to a devotional context by depicting the Magdalene as a turning half-length figure who lifts up her veil to address the viewer (London, National Gallery).
The exterior design continues on all facades as a harmonious earth toned theme in masonry, depicting variety in expression and geometry.
At the start of Act II, Arthur and his knights had a long dance depicting "horse-riding," but it, alas, conjured up memories of the Monty Python team, riding with little gallopy movements on their pretend horses with outstretched hands holding imaginary reins.
While he would not advocate government censorship of such videos, he believes networks "need to make a stand, saying `we're not going to play these any more'"--much as MTV recently moved to pull all videos depicting guns, he says.
The most appealing of Komunyakaa's poems to me are those depicting events in the everyday lives of neighbors, friends, and family members in the poet's hometown of Bogalusa, once a KKK-infested area.
A third characteristic that makes Arango's work particularly valuable is her use of satire in depicting the political class.
Merback is interested in how painters faced the challenge of depicting the executions of the Good and Bad Thieves (known sometimes as Dysmas and Gestas respectively).
Johnston, depicting men who worked on the building.