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depict (one) as (something)

To portray someone or something in a particular way. I'm worried that this biopic will depict me as a total diva. Don't depict me as a controlling mother when that's simply not true!
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depict someone as something

to show someone as something; to make someone appear to be something. He did report the fire, but it is going too far to depict him as a hero. The artist depicted himself as a much younger man than he really was.
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White officers were only teamed with an African-American in 9 percent of the films that depicted a white officer in a leading role.
Few of the paintings are depicted with their own curtains, which were going out of fashion.
As such, there are no hollow transfer activities depicted. From this model, it would be easy to overlook output distribution activities and the mechanisms that execute them.
"Using their creativity and talent, they have depicted in accurate detail the character of the disabled veteran and the horrors of war they endure."
In order to arrive at a proper interpretation of a painting, it is important to examine carefully and to identify correctly and in detail the various objects depicted in it.
She was intrigued with the manner in which Tademy weaved her personal family story throughout the historical events depicted in Cane River.
After a slight pause, return it under control to the starting position, which is depicted here.
Nodelman (1988) believes that both the objects and the way they are depicted convey cultural meanings.
"Placement" is depicted as "the logical conclusion of the rehabilitation process" because "the end goal of the vocational rehabilitation process is the achievement of an occupational objective" (Roessler & Rubin, 1998, p.
The role of the fleshy, less-than-nimble, jaded creature trying desperately to keep up with the young and sensuous fillies was well depicted by veteran Rambert dancer Elisabeth Old.
"It's depicted graphically and consistently," said Strong.
To overcome tape's inherent limitations, the SAN manager copies data from the source disk to backup disk versus backup tape as depicted in Fig 1.
Numerous symbols and quotations are to be depicted. The sloping mansard roof is designed to compliment the symmetrical facade.
The statistics depicted in Figure 1 indicate that EMS customers are going elsewhere for their consumable material requirements.
For example, consider the sentence, "Agreeing to this deal would result in our department getting the short end of the stick." It could easily be depicted graphically.