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depict (one) as (something)

To portray someone or something in a particular way. I'm worried that this biopic will depict me as a total diva. Don't depict me as a controlling mother when that's simply not true!
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depict someone as something

to show someone as something; to make someone appear to be something. He did report the fire, but it is going too far to depict him as a hero. The artist depicted himself as a much younger man than he really was.
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Through the parallel structure of lyrics and images, unique to music videos, Latifah can draw on her dual heritage of Afrocentricity and African American feminism to depict sexism and racism as related.
Some of the first stations depicted in modern art reside in the Dominican convent of Notre Dame du Rosare in Vence, France.
In western Europe, the figurines often exhibit a hair net, depicted as crisscrosses, and, in some cases, show a belted string skirt.
'To show seascapes, I use the beauty of the rising sun, colours and reflections of the falling sun on the water and to depict water, boats and ships can also be seen at different places.
These galleries will also depict the culture of all provinces.
SIDON, Lebanon: A Sidon-based sheikh Wednesday called upon Christians supportive of Michel Aoun's Free Patriotic Movement to "watch out" for his policies to depict Sunnis "as a scarecrow."
Buddhist symbols like the lotus, fish and bells depict a state of mystical trance.
The first picture was taken on Broad Street in 1921, just south of the current New York Stock Exchange, and depicts the last day of trading at the Curb Market before it was moved indoors and later became the American Stock Exchange.
Macomber's recent exhibition at Kavi Gupta Gallery, "The Clearing," paired five works on paper with a suite of six paintings propped up on white pedestals and arranged as if they were figures on a stage: The paintings were cordoned off by a heavy black theatrical curtain that nearly bisected the exhibition space and introduced an obvious dichotomy between "actors" and "audience"; the works on paper, a 2005 series that depicts sea mammals with human heads or torsos, represented the latter.
"One is always in a dialogue with the material, with what you're doing to it and with the person you are trying to depict. Of course, I have a general idea of what I am doing.
She has chosen these as the only major English poems that both use a stable persona to depict an individual encounter with God, and take a public approach to the encounter, with their climaxes depicting one or more of the central moments of salvation history.
Omidvari, who didn't receive outside funding for the study, says that it could be welcome news that Hollywood tends to depict smokers as unsympathetic characters.
Shorto evokes for readers a far more vibrant culture than most textbooks depict. The personalities, beginning with Henry Hudson, a maverick explorer obsessed with finding a northern-hemisphere shortcut to the riches of Asia, are so sharply drawn that readers feel they would recognize them if they met them.
The first, released in April, depicts an American bison on the reverse; in August, a second version will, depict Lewis and Clark.
Timeless milkmaids and flower sellers depict harmony and nostalgia, while rogues and sexual predators speak of confrontation and instability.