reliance on

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reliance on (someone or something)

A total dependence on someone or something, especially to a detrimental or hindering degree. The writer's reliance on cliché started becoming painfully obvious after his second book. The countess's reliance on her assistants grew even greater after she had her fall.
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reliance on someone or something

trust and dependence on someone or something. John's reliance on his family is holding him back. Reliance on sleeping pills is dangerous.
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At the same time, there are growing anti-nuclear political pressures in France, with the Socialist presidential contender Franois Holland favouring cutting the country's dependence on nuclear power.
According to bosses at the company, organisations that help their workers reduce their dependence on single occupancy car use and increase their use of alternatives are not only benefitting the environment but finding there are financial and productivity bene- fits too.
Key concerns include risks associated with the financial services business, such as the potential need for additional financial support from the parent company, the company's dependence on the auto repair market, and uneven results from the commercial and industrial (non-automotive) business.