reliance on

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reliance on someone or something

trust and dependence on someone or something. John's reliance on his family is holding him back. Reliance on sleeping pills is dangerous.
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It would be dishonorable to let others engage themselves to anything serious in dependence on me.
Standing alone in the world -- alone, as to any dependence on society, and with little Pearl to be guided and protected -- alone, and hopeless of retrieving her position, even had she not scorned to consider it desirable -- she cast away the fragment a broken chain.
However small Elinor's general dependence on Lucy's veracity might be, it was impossible for her on serious reflection to suspect it in the present case, where no temptation could be answerable to the folly of inventing a falsehood of such a description.
But this could not be the case with-the idea of a nature more perfect than myself; for to receive it from nothing was a thing manifestly impossible; and, because it is not less repugnant that the more perfect should be an effect of, and dependence on the less perfect, than that something should proceed from nothing, it was equally impossible that I could hold it from myself: accordingly, it but remained that it had been placed in me by a nature which was in reality more perfect than mine, and which even possessed within itself all the perfections of which I could form any idea; that is to say, in a single word, which was God.
Knowing the sentiments of the father in relation to this people, it was no wonder that the son hesitated to avow his connection with, nay, even his dependence on the integrity of, a Quaker.
According to bosses at the company, organisations that help their workers reduce their dependence on single occupancy car use and increase their use of alternatives are not only benefitting the environment but finding there are financial and productivity bene- fits too.
In a letter to prosecutors, National Investigations head Sando Mazor and his deputy Yaacov Grossman wrote about their dependence on Avi-Yitzhak's testimony:
These include, but are not limited to, potential fluctuations in operating results, bank debt, dependence on few customers, technological change, protection of intellectual property rights, competition, regulation by the FDA, risk of product liability claims, possible changes in healthcare regulations, shortages of labor and dependence on key management and technical personnel.