reliance on

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reliance on someone or something

trust and dependence on someone or something. John's reliance on his family is holding him back. Reliance on sleeping pills is dangerous.
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According to bosses at the company, organisations that help their workers reduce their dependence on single occupancy car use and increase their use of alternatives are not only benefitting the environment but finding there are financial and productivity bene- fits too.
In a letter to prosecutors, National Investigations head Sando Mazor and his deputy Yaacov Grossman wrote about their dependence on Avi-Yitzhak's testimony:
Other such risks and uncertainties include difficulties encountered in integrating merged businesses; the variable demand and the aggressive pricing environment for semiconductor products; dependence on each company's ability to successfully manufacture in increasing volumes on a cost-effective basis and with acceptable quality for its current products; the adverse impact of competitive product announcements; revenues and operating performance; poor U.