depend (up)on (someone or something)

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depend (up)on (someone or something)

1. To rely on someone or something. You can depend on Tom, so if he said he'd be here at 11:30, then he'll be here at 11:30. I still haven't found a job, so, yes, I depend upon my parents for money.
2. To be dictated by certain conditions. Where we hold the wedding ceremony depends entirely on the weather—if it's rainy, then we'll have it indoors.
3. To be addicted to something. I have a harder time falling asleep these days, but at least I don't depend on sleeping pills anymore.
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depend (up)on someone or something

to rely upon someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) Can I depend on you to do this right? You can depend upon me for help.
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depend on

or depend upon
1. To be contingent upon something or someone for an outcome: Whether or not we go on the picnic depends on the weather.
2. To rely on something or someone, especially for support or maintenance: Children depend on adults for food and shelter.
3. To place trust or confidence in someone or something: You can depend upon my honesty.
4. To have a chronic or compulsive need for something; be addicted to something: As time went by, he began to depend on painkillers to get him through the day.
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References in classic literature ?
The opinions which we form upon these subjects must depend upon one common principle: for if what I have said in my treatise on Morals is true, a happy life must arise from an uninterrupted course of virtue; and if virtue consists in a certain medium, the middle life must certainly be the happiest; which medium is attainable [1295b] by every one.
Grant's very great kindness, it was impossible for him and his horses to be accommodated where they now were without material inconvenience; but his attachment to that neighbourhood did not depend upon one amusement or one season of the year: he had set his heart upon having a something there that he could come to at any time, a little homestall at his command, where all the holidays of his year might be spent, and he might find himself continuing, improving, and perfecting that friendship and intimacy with the Mansfield Park family which was increasing in value to him every day.
The aim of all this wandering--if there is one--appears to be to trace all the ways in which the living and dead depend upon one another.
“In the site selection business, the consultants and economic development professionals depend upon one another to do our jobs effectively; therefore we have worked to structure this conference in a manner that emphasizes networking and knowledge exchange.” The Guild intentionally limits attendance to create a high Guild member-to-economic development professional ratio and to provide a one-of-a kind opportunity to develop fruitful relationships that can potentially impact a community with significant new capital investment and jobs down the line.
Airlines and forwarders can depend upon one another to meet the challenges of the global recession by discarding a relic of the past and adopting a new relationship perception that clearly reflects present realities and looks toward the future.
In the U.S., possessing legal rights does not depend upon one's level of intelligence.
Every business owner and every CEO takes, with some frequency, financial and other decisions that depend upon one's macroeconomic view of the world.
And he has issued a rallying cry to his fellow patients across Coventry to take an active interest in the health system which their lives could depend upon one day.
One risk is that the smooth operation, profitability, and value of a small business often depend upon one or a few key employees.
While I am truly excited to be taking on this new challenge, I am acutely aware that we all must depend upon one another to set new goals and achieve loftier ambitions.
"Previously, lenders could either build their servicing software in-house or depend upon one of our competitors for all of their software and enhancement needs," said Angione.
Especially one you might actually need to depend upon one day.
The beautifully photographed DVD explores such questions as the origin of instinct and intelligence, why species depend upon one another, and how much can animals change.
And, although the relationship between business and local government hasn't always been an easy one, it just makes good sense to forge better relationships between them when you consider how much they depend upon one another.
"We as a nation, have to understand that we can not just depend upon one solution to this problem and that is why I am so excited about the Institute on Youth, Education, and Families ...