depend (up)on (someone or something)

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depend (up)on (someone or something)

1. To rely on someone or something. You can depend on Tom, so if he said he'd be here at 11:30, then he'll be here at 11:30. I still haven't found a job, so, yes, I depend upon my parents for money.
2. To be dictated by certain conditions. Where we hold the wedding ceremony depends entirely on the weather—if it's rainy, then we'll have it indoors.
3. To be addicted to something. I have a harder time falling asleep these days, but at least I don't depend on sleeping pills anymore.
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depend (up)on someone or something

to rely upon someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) Can I depend on you to do this right? You can depend upon me for help.
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depend on

or depend upon
1. To be contingent upon something or someone for an outcome: Whether or not we go on the picnic depends on the weather.
2. To rely on something or someone, especially for support or maintenance: Children depend on adults for food and shelter.
3. To place trust or confidence in someone or something: You can depend upon my honesty.
4. To have a chronic or compulsive need for something; be addicted to something: As time went by, he began to depend on painkillers to get him through the day.
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But we have not proceeded with the delivery of certain military systems, and our support will depend upon Egypt's progress in pursuing a democratic path."
The resolution will depend upon the relative bargaining power of the parties and will vary case by case.
The width will depend upon the release of the #2 receiver and communication from the cornerback.
The beautifully photographed DVD explores such questions as the origin of instinct and intelligence, why species depend upon one another, and how much can animals change.
Successful application of titanates in nano technology is said to depend upon understanding organometallic chemistry and physics.
Roger Whalen, is that although people come to work in the mines and may live there for 30 years, they retire "back home." Unlike many churches, he said, Labrador City can't depend upon older people for steady leadership and must adjust to a constantly changing mix of older and younger, he said.
"The outlook for the dollar in 2005 will depend upon whether China has a continuing boom."
Grief responses will also depend upon how significant the loss is perceived.
It assures us that, as we struggle to forge and implement ecumenical agreements, as we strive to manage and heal congregational conflict, and often act in ways that do not please God, Christian unity does not depend upon our efforts, strategies, successes and failures, though the Spirit of Christ certainly works in and through them.
Bush: "That's going to depend upon the generals helping me make that decision, Tim.
A ruling in favor of the CFTC, the declaration asserts, "could have a detrimental effect on the entire newsletter publishing industry and, in turn, on the members of the public--business persons, government officials and individual citizens--who depend upon the flow of news and information provided by newsletters."
Peace does not depend upon anything, certainly not upon our own certainty of moral righteousness.
In essence, any city could be E-bombed back into the Stone Age by rendering useless the modern technology that civilization has come to depend upon.
Its ultimate success will depend upon whether Linux does evolve into a genuine alternative to Windows or Solaris, a conclusion which must await several years of operation and development for Linux to become more powerful and dependable.