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point of departure

1. Literally, the point from which one begins one's journey. All customers are being advised that the point of departure for the 3:30 tour bus has been changed.
2. By extension, the point from which further discussion, activity, progress, development, etc., takes place. We are hopeful that this summit will act as a point of departure for future policies dealing with the threat of climate change.
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a ˌpoint of deˈparture

1 a place where a journey starts
2 (formal) an idea, a theory or an event that is used to start a discussion, an activity, etc: Professor Brown’s recent article will certainly be the point of departure for future research on the subject.
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A Departure, the last professional sight of land, is always good, or at least good enough.
Colia Ivolgin, for some time after the prince's departure, continued his old life.
Three months after the departure of the prince, the Ivolgin family discovered that Colia had made acquaintance with the Epanchins, and was on very friendly terms with the daughters.
Now these men, as clever as they were daring, had survived the terrible shock consequent on their departure, and it is their journey in the projectile car which is here related in its most dramatic as well as in its most singular details.
So that when the day of departure came, between her two customs of laughing and crying, Miss Sedley was greatly puzzled how to act.
A vessel was setting sail for Algiers, on board of which the bustle usually attending departure prevailed.
But Mercedes did not witness his departure, although she was seated at the little window of the room which had been occupied by old Dantes.
Things like his mother's death, his departure from Winesburg, the uncertainty of his future life in the city, the seri- ous and larger aspects of his life did not come into his mind.
Thus did Sancho soliloquise on the day of their departure, as Don Quixote, who had the night before taken leave of the duke and duchess, coming out made his appearance at an early hour in full armour in the courtyard of the castle.
I left Conseil to stow our trunks conveniently away, and remounted the poop in order to survey the preparations for departure.
Under his arm might have been observed a red-bound copy of Bradshaw's Continental Railway Steam Transit and General Guide, with its timetables showing the arrival and departure of steamers and railways.
Nothing had been heard of them since their departure from the Arickara village; Lisa, who parted from them there, had predicted their destruction; and some of the traders of the Northwest Company had actually spread a rumor of their having been cut off by the Indians.
Summary: The busiest time for departures at Terminal 3 will be today.
The busiest time for departures in Terminal 3 will be on Friday August 9 with around 100,000 passengers travelling through Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport.
All other flights arrivals and departures from Sialkot Airport had been temporarily rescheduled to operate from Lahore till opening of Sialkot airport runway.