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from the Department of the Bleeding Obvious

Of such an obvious meaning or implication as to be completely redundant, superfluous, or unnecessary. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Pauline: "The Prime Minister has said that lower-class families are bearing the brunt of the recession worse than anyone else." Johnny: "Wow, any other riveting news from the Department of the Bleeding Obvious?"

in the trouser department

1. Literally, relating to or having to do with trousers or pants. Of course, in the trouser department, a nicely fitted pair of slacks will always look more respectable than tracksuit bottoms.
2. slang Relating to or concerning a man's penis or its physical aspects. Look at that guy in his big flashy sports car. I reckon it's compensation for not having much in the trouser department, eh?
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be (not) (one's) department

To be one's area of expertise or responsibility. I can't approve expense reports—that's not my department. Car repair is my dad's department, so he should be able to help you out.
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not your department

If a task or area of knowledge is not your department, you are not responsible for it or do not know much about it. The political issues are something else, but that's not really my department. `If you identify him, then what?' — `Not my department.' Note: You can also say that something is your department if you are responsible for it or know a lot about it. `So what do we do with him?' Admiral Polaski asked. `That, gentlemen, is our department,' Rintner said. Bill spoke expertly. This had been his department.
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be somebody’s department

(spoken) be something that somebody is responsible for or knows a lot about: Don’t ask me about it — that’s Helen’s department, not mine.
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headache department

1. n. a central source of unnecessary problems; a person who habitually causes problems. Here’s another memo from the headache department.
2. and headache house n. a liquor store or department. I stopped in at the headache house for some supplies.
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The global departmental PACS market has been segmented by product, deployment, component, end user, and by country.
Lot 8 Purchase of written and audiovisual materials for the mediation activity among users of medical and social departmental services
Departmental policies were clarified and made easily available on the intranet.
This new era promises to tie together disparate islands of NAS storage, linking departmental CIFS and NFS file servers into enterprise NAS deployments to create easily manageable, highly scalable infrastructures for a wide range of business uses.
Developing a Departmental Assessment Plan: Issues and Concerns".
The amateur philosopher with no institutional affiliation had effectively disappeared, and philosophy had become a discipline nestled with in the departmental structure of colleges and universities.
Browse through the TOC of the North American Departmental PACS market, to get an idea of the in-depth analysis provided.
The IGP in light of the secret report of the senior police officers of district Lakki Marwat suspended SDPO Srai Naurang, closed him to CPO and ordered further departmental inquiry against him.
it receivers, callous attitude towards duties and failure to take action against the militants and had ordered departmental inquiry against him.
PESHAWAR -- The Inspector General of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Nasir Khan Durrani has dismissed DSP Headquarter Battagram from service in light of the departmental inquiry report against him with immediate effect.
Despite the growing acceptance of Fibre Channel Storage Area Networks (SANs) as the preferred method for consolidating stored data, many organizations still are struggling to find an affordable way to connect stranded islands of workgroup and departmental servers.
Technical Departmental Computers: Capacity systems sold for less than $250,000.
Questions focus on the main health and safety awareness and knowledge points that uniform services and other departmental readers can gain concerning positive impact on their overall personal health and safety during the execution of their duties and while in an off-duty status.
Summaries of these activities are still presented at quarterly departmental meetings.
The VarioPrint 1055/2075 Document Printers are high speed and robust departmental printers designed for high volume office environments or print rooms.
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