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be (not) (one's) department

To be one's area of expertise or responsibility. I can't approve expense reports—that's not my department. Car repair is my dad's department, so he should be able to help you out.
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from the Department of the Bleeding Obvious

Of such an obvious meaning or implication as to be completely redundant, superfluous, or unnecessary. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Pauline: "The Prime Minister has said that lower-class families are bearing the brunt of the recession worse than anyone else." Johnny: "Wow, any other riveting news from the Department of the Bleeding Obvious?"

in the trouser department

1. Literally, relating to or having to do with trousers or pants. Of course, in the trouser department, a nicely fitted pair of slacks will always look more respectable than tracksuit bottoms.
2. slang Relating to or concerning one's penis or its physical aspects. Look at that guy in his big flashy sports car. I reckon it's compensation for not having much in the trouser department, eh?
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not (one's) department

Not one's area of expertise or responsibility. I can't approve expense reports—that's not my department. Car repair isn't really Jim's department, but I'll take a look at the engine if you like.
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not your department

If a task or area of knowledge is not your department, you are not responsible for it or do not know much about it. The political issues are something else, but that's not really my department. `If you identify him, then what?' — `Not my department.' Note: You can also say that something is your department if you are responsible for it or know a lot about it. `So what do we do with him?' Admiral Polaski asked. `That, gentlemen, is our department,' Rintner said. Bill spoke expertly. This had been his department.
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be somebody’s department

(spoken) be something that somebody is responsible for or knows a lot about: Don’t ask me about it — that’s Helen’s department, not mine.
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headache department

1. n. a central source of unnecessary problems; a person who habitually causes problems. Here’s another memo from the headache department.
2. and headache house n. a liquor store or department. I stopped in at the headache house for some supplies.
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Several previous working papers of the LHC Human Resource Department suggest that the 75pc promotion quota of the post of assistant has never been filled through departmental examination, therefore, no syllabus is available.
In addition, logical volume management lets IT administrators isolate secondary storage from high-volume data center storage while delegating management authority to personnel at the workgroup or departmental level.
--Looking at the largest market segment, Departmental computers, HP and SGI each have 11 of the top 25 computers.
According to details, the meeting of SBP Departmental Promotion Committee was held on Sept 12.
The Mayor appreciated the departmental heads who were present on the occasion.
According to Additional Prosecutor Punjab (APP) departmental inquiry can not be equal to criminal proceedings.
This matrix, which is available electronically at, provides a six-step process in the development and implementation of a departmental assessment plan.
For smaller data sizes and moderate performance requirements, a departmental server provides universal access to a data storage reservoir.
In recent years, a number of court cases have involved law enforcement employees who have faced departmental actions due to charges of nepotism or improper off-duty sexual activity.
Significant fees from departmental practices as well as hospital revenues are immediately lost.
KARACHI -- Former sports legends Javed Miandad, Jahangir Khan, Islahuddin alongside others, addressed a gathering of journalists at the Karachi Press Club on Saturday and called for retaining the departmental teams in domestic cricket and urged PM Imran Khan to review his decision of abolishing them which, they said, will deprive hundreds of cricketers of their livelihood.
Secretary Board Ahmar Naek, Director Education Mohammad Ashraf and Director Finance were also present in the session of departmental promotional board.
KARACHI -- All departmental heads of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation have been asked to ensure punctuality in office timings and discipline.
Islamabad -- Federal police departmental has launched departmental crack down and SSP Sajid Kiyani has ordered oo remove three police stations Muharrars on their inefficiency and poor performance.
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