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depart for (some place)

To leave one place to go to another. When does your plane depart for San Francisco?
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depart from (some place)

To leave some place. I departed from Chicago six hours ago.
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depart from this world

To die; to pass on to the afterlife. Our role is to contribute something positive to others before we depart from this world, in whatever way possible.
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depart this life

To die; to leave this life (i.e., to pass on to some form of the afterlife). Our role is to contribute something positive to others before we depart this life, in whatever way possible.
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depart with (something)

To dispense with or forgo something. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. The government has departed with convention in its handling of the inquisition.
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depart for some place

to leave for some place. When shall we depart for the airport? When do we depart for St. Petersburg?
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depart from some place

to leave from some place or something; to set out from some place or something. When will you depart from here? We departed from Moscow on time.
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depart this life

Euph. to die. He departed this life on April 20th, 1973. She departed peacefully, in her sleep.
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- PR5423 (Haneda-Manila): Departing at 3:15 a.m., arriving at 6:50 p.m.
Route 98, Cottage Grove: The trip formerly departing from Village Shopping Center at 5:48 a.m.
GAMBIA (7nts, h/b, 4*) Nov 24, departing Manchester, pounds 439, Direct Holidays (www.
Departing Glasgow on May 16, seven nights half-board at the three-star Hotel Diamond in Bulgaria.
Soul of the South (departing from Brownsville, Texas, and stopping in Louisiana, Mississippi, the Florida panhandle, and other southern locations): Larry Bryant,
# Departing April 5 from Cardiff, seven nights in Costa Blanca, 3 star self-catering costs pounds 149 per adult and pounds 139 per child.
In fact, networking among former employees has reached such heights that some hospitals have asked departing employees to promise not to recruit former co-workers when they take new positions.
736(b)(2)), thereby making such amounts deductible to the partnership and ordinary income to the departing partner.
Departing Prestwick on November 11 and 8, seven nights at the two-star plus La Marinas Apartments, Lanzarote, costs pounds 229 per person.
The Ramblers Coventry Group: Fillongley, 10 miles, departing Much Park Street, Coventry, 9.30am.
Brittany 5 Days Departing 7 June 2006 from pounds 259
7 nights self-catering in Fuerteventura, departing Belfast on March 9, from pounds 224pp
7 nights visiting TENERIFE, departing February 2, 2012, only pounds 599 pp incl taxes and charges; ?
The daily SWISS Zurich to Florence schedules, with connection to and from the UK, include flight LX 1678, departing Zurich 07:35, arriving Florence 08:50; flight LX 1674, departing 12:50, arriving 14:10; and flight LX 1680, departing 17:45, arriving 19:00; local time.
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