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depart from this world

To die; to pass on to the afterlife. Our role is to contribute something positive to others before we depart from this world, in whatever way possible.
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depart this life

To die; to leave this life (i.e., to pass on to some form of the afterlife). Our role is to contribute something positive to others before we depart this life, in whatever way possible.
See also: depart, life, this

depart for (some place)

To leave one place to go to another. When does your plane depart for San Francisco?
See also: depart

depart from (some place)

To leave some place. I depart from my home every winter to avoid the cold weather.
See also: depart

depart for some place

to leave for some place. When shall we depart for the airport? When do we depart for St. Petersburg?
See also: depart, place

depart from some place

to leave from some place or something; to set out from some place or something. When will you depart from here? We departed from Moscow on time.
See also: depart, place

depart this life

Euph. to die. He departed this life on April 20th, 1973. She departed peacefully, in her sleep.
See also: depart, life, this
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Five-day sailings to Saint John and Halifax departing June 20 and 25 and Oct.
TENERIFE (14nts, h/b, 3*) Nov 12, departing Cardiff, pounds 459, Thomas Cook (www.
SHARM EL SHEIKH From Glasgow, departing August 26, seven nights, from pounds 585pp for two.
The later flight IC-911 will depart Thiruvananthapuram at 16:20, arriving in Bangalore at 17:20, departing Bangalore at 18:00, arriving in Chennai at 18:50, departing Chennai at 19:35 and arriving in Thiruvananthapuram at 20:45.
Departing Glasgow on April 22, seven nights all-inclusive at the four-star Eftalia Village in Turkey.
Bruges 4 Days Departing 19 March, 19 April, 21 May, 18 June, 6 August, 17 September, 22 October & 12 November 2006 from pounds 149
Criticism of management's style or lack of leadership will teach you more about the departing employee than about the manager.
This gain is considered capital gain unless a portion of the payment is attributable to the departing partner's share of the partnership's substantially appreciated inventory or unrealized receivables (as defined under Sec.
Eos Airlines begins its second daily flight between New York and London on September 8th, 2006, with flights departing twice daily, six days per week (Sunday through Friday) and once on Saturdays.
Departing LLC will be the first company to offer an online portal that gives people an unprecedented level of convenience, control and privacy in planning for their death.
Ireland's Italian specialists Topflight have flights departing from George Best Belfast City Airport and Dublin throughout August and September.
The airline said its new daily service includes flight 3451, departing 07:05 Colorado Springs, arriving in Denver at 07:50; flight 3453 departing 09:43 Colorado Springs, arriving in Denver at 10:28; flight 3455 departing 12:38 Colorado Springs, arriving in Denver at 13:22; flight 3457 departing at 15:06 Colorado Springs, arriving in Denver at 15:51; and flight 3459 (Sunday to Friday) departing 19:18 Colorado Springs, arriving in Denver at 20:03; local time.
DEPARTING Glasgow on June 22, two nights, includes accommodation from a choice of four-star hotels in Stockholm, costs pounds 279 per person.
7 nights self-catering in Gran Canaria, departing Belfast on March 5, from pounds 239pp
Departing from Heathrow February 20 for five nights R/O accommodation.
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