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dear(ly) departed

euphemism One who has died. Myrna was a wonderful woman, and we are all gathered here today to remember our dearly departed.
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depart for (some place)

To leave one place to go to another. When does your plane depart for San Francisco?
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depart from (some place)

To leave some place. I depart from my home every winter to avoid the cold weather.
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dear departed

Euph. a dead person, as referred to at a funeral. Let's take a moment to meditate on the life of the dear departed.
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Without demanding a surrender, they furiously assaulted the garrison, which was happily prepared to oppose them; and, after they had expended much ammunition in vain, and killed the cattle round the fort, not being likely to make themselves masters of this place, they raised the siege, and departed in the morning of the third day after they came, with the loss of about thirty killed, and the number of wounded uncertain.
The effects of the gas departed as rapidly as they had overcome him so that as he opened his eyes he was in full possession of all his faculties.
A careless warrior had laid it there and departed, forgetting.
When the warriors had departed from the prison in which Ghek was confined, the kaldane crawled from the shoulders of the rykor to the table.
In the lead was an officer, and just behind him, wide-eyed and perhaps still a little ashen, the warrior who had so recently departed in haste.
I instantly departed and shut myself into the library.
Jones accepted this advice with thanks, and immediately departed.
Taking with her some jewels that belonged to her and a sum of money, she quitted Italy with an attendant, a native of Leghorn, but who understood the common language of Turkey, and departed for Germany.
When at last he was liberated, it was only to find that Drebber's house was deserted, and that he and his secretary had departed for Europe.
At last, having collected enough to keep life in him, he departed for Europe, and tracked his enemies from city to city, working his way in any menial capacity, but never overtaking the fugitives.
Martin Scorsese also won a Golden Globe Award for Best Director and received his seventh Directors Guild of America Award nomination for his work on "The Departed.
On 6 September, an EA-6B of VAQ-141 suffered Class A damage when it departed controlled flight after flying through jet wash on the runway threshhold at NS Norfolk, Va.
Most physician executives assume the departed didn't agree with what needed to be done.
44 DAYS - Brian Clough (Leeds Utd) departed September 1974
The Departed,'' a remake of the 2002 Hong Kong cop drama ``Infernal Affairs,'' is the movie Scorsese loyalists have wanted for years, a rough-and-tumble trip down memory lane, free from pretension and the meddling of Harvey Weinstein.
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