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dear(ly) departed

euphemism One who has died. Myrna was a wonderful woman, and we are all gathered here today to remember our dearly departed.
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depart for (some place)

To leave one place to go to another. When does your plane depart for San Francisco?
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depart from (some place)

To leave some place. I departed from Chicago six hours ago.
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dear departed

Euph. a dead person, as referred to at a funeral. Let's take a moment to meditate on the life of the dear departed.
See also: dear, departed
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132 DAYS - Howard Wilkinson (Sunderland) departed March 2003
32 DAYS - Steve Coppell (Manchester City) departed November 96.
An F/A-18C Hornet of VFA-25 suffered Class A damage when, following a stuck throttle in flight, the pilot ejected as the aircraft departed the runway at NAS Lemoore, Calif.
On 6 September, an EA-6B of VAQ-141 suffered Class A damage when it departed controlled flight after flying through jet wash on the runway threshhold at NS Norfolk, Va.
Best Picture: ``Babel,'' ``The Departed,'' ``Letters From Iwo Jima,'' ``Little Miss Sunshine,'' ``The Queen''
Film Editing: ``Babel,'' ``Blood Diamond,'' ``Children of Men,'' ``The Departed,'' ``United 93''
44 DAYS: Jock Stein (Leeds United) departed October 1978
128 DAYS: Jacques Santini (Tottenham) departed the club November 2004
There just aren't a lot of opportunities to make serious films like this today at the studio level,'' says Baldwin, who makes his second limited but flavorful appearance for Scorsese in ``The Departed.
Leonardo DiCaprio, left, Ray Winstone and Jack Nicholson star in ``The Departed,'' set and filmed in South Boston.
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