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depart for (some place)

To leave one place to go to another. When does your plane depart for San Francisco?
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depart from (some place)

To leave some place. I departed from Chicago six hours ago.
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depart from this world

To die; to pass on to the afterlife. Our role is to contribute something positive to others before we depart from this world, in whatever way possible.
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depart this life

To die; to leave this life (i.e., to pass on to some form of the afterlife). Our role is to contribute something positive to others before we depart this life, in whatever way possible.
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depart with (something)

To dispense with or forgo something. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. The government has departed with convention in its handling of the inquisition.
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depart for some place

to leave for some place. When shall we depart for the airport? When do we depart for St. Petersburg?
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depart from some place

to leave from some place or something; to set out from some place or something. When will you depart from here? We departed from Moscow on time.
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depart this life

Euph. to die. He departed this life on April 20th, 1973. She departed peacefully, in her sleep.
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According to reports, the first Hajj flight SV 719 departed from New Islamabad International Airport on early Thursday morning.
17232 Nagarsol - Narsapur Express scheduled to depart Nagarsol on 13th, 15th October, 2018 is diverted to run via Parbhani, Parli and Vikarabad stations.
Jet Airways flight 9W 2645 will depart Bengaluru (except Tuesdays) at 1350hrs and arrive Kochi at 1520 hrs; depart at 1520 hrs and arrive Trichy at 1650hrs.
PK 721 Karachi-Lahore-Manchester will depart with a delay of 15 hours while PK 729 Karachi-Ryadhm has also been delayed and will depart 9 hours late.
Departs August 11 from Belfast Two adults and two children from pounds 1,899.
PK 249 for the sector Islamabad-Kabul will depart from Islamabad at 08:50 AM while PK 250 Kabul-Islamabad will depart from Kabul at 10:45 AM (local time).
Flight 109 will depart from London at 11:35 and arrive in Boston at 14:00, Flight 125 will depart from London at 15:15 and arrive in Boston at 17:45, while flight 155 will depart from London at 18:05 and arrive in Boston at 20:35.
COSTA BRAVA From pounds 119 per person, depart Gatwick February 21 for one week in Costa Brava.
SUKKUR -- Quran Khawani was held at the Custom office Sukkur on Friday for the departed soul of the Assistant Collector Custom Sukkur Mumtaz Ali Ghanghro, who passed away in an road accident recently.
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