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deny (oneself)

To deprive oneself (of something). I'm denying myself desserts right now, while I'm on this diet. Learning to deny yourself is an integral part of Lent.
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deny (something) to (someone or something)

To keep one from doing, having, or accessing something. I would never deny a great opportunity to you! You should follow your dreams! They don't want to get divorced and deny a stable home to their children.
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justice delayed is justice denied

Justice served at a later time has as little impact as justice not being served at all. A: "We need to get this matter before a judge quickly." B: "Of course. Justice delayed is justice denied."
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deny someone or something to someone

to prevent someone from having someone or something. Would you deny her children to her after all these long months? I would not deny food to a starving man.
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Deny will join Leaf Group's expanding marketplaces, creating strategic synergies between its other e-commerce brands, most notably Society6.
Defendants deny the allegations of paragraph 5 of the Amended Complaint on the basis that they lack knowledge or information sufficient to form a belief as to the truth of the allegations contained therein.
The "Safety" (S5) sprints toward the first potential pass receiver on the sideline on the wide side of the court to deny the quick pass down that sideline.
Surprisingly, the Pentagon investigations, without independent help, admit to finding cases of abuse but deny claims of torture.
Pre-arrangement: More recently, the IRS has tried to deny annual exclusions by inferring from the powerholder's nonexercise a prearrangement between the grantor and the powerholder not to exercise withdrawal rights.
Likewise, I would deny any club that has as its basis an illegal act, such as the Marijuana Club, Kids for Cocaine, the Drinking Club, etc." Even as he was making that decision, Clemmons allegedly was conducting an affair with a school employee, on school property, on school time.
The PPCT, you see, has a patron policy stating: "Planned Parenthood of Central Texas reserves the right to deny access to the Audre Rapoport Library to anyone who may be a security risk."
On March 7, CPSC voted to deny a petition to require product registration cards for children's products.
PLYMOUTHgoalkeeper Romain Larrieu made a string of superb saves in the second half to deny Northampton victory.
In response to allegations that INS detainees were held in isolation, Bergeron says, "I don't even see that as an allegation." Isolation, he says, "is an appropriate and recognized process in a detention environment, especially if you have an individual who is a subject of an ongoing criminal investigation, and all these individuals are, or were at some point in time, the subject of a terrorist investigation." The INS adds that it is against policy to deny blankets.
The governor, according to Florida law, has "unfettered discretion to deny clemency at any time for any reason."
Even a "corrected" deficiency can, in some instances, deny nursing homes the right to train nursing assistants.
Specifically, the Court ruled on the proper standard to apply in a police pursuit case when it is alleged that the government deprived an individual of substantive due process and whether procedural due process permits an employee to falsely deny allegations of misconduct.
MCO gatekeepers may deny benefits on the grounds that services aren't "medically necessary".
Overall, girls were no more likely than boys to peek, but girls were significantly more apt to deny their offense.