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Narrowing the field to useful bounds, he cites principles and effects: a special approach to small things: a deliberate, focused simplicity of subject and approach which risks the charge of vacuity in the interest of unmediated experience and profound new experience for the reader; a positive approach to distillation and concentration, which in turn generate "a sort of crystallized abundance"; a denuding of rhetoric in order to reinvest the quotidian with interest.
But environmentalists are blaming it for denuding healthy 500-year-old trees; for wholesale clearcutting, indiscriminate road building, watershed and animal habitat loss; and for contributing to such "natural" disasters as recent massive flooding in Idaho.
Relentless persecution of the great cats, combined with the near extermination of deer by hunters and poachers and the denuding of vast tracts of land by loggers, drove eastern cougars to apparent extinction by the early 1900s, except for a remnant population in the swamps of southern Florida.
The SC has taken up a case suo motu on a letter written by Imran Khan before his election that invited attention towards encroachment on the Botanical Garden, haphazard construction in Banigala, denuding because of large scale tree felling and the pollution of Rawal Lake by sewerage.
Hurricane Opal slammed Eglin Air Force Base, denuding and flattening dunes.
They also left a legacy of environmental disaster, denuding the hillsides around the ancient capital of Nara and stripping the land of its rich soil.