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denude (someone or something) of (something)

To remove something from someone or something. I denuded myself of my wet clothes and got into the shower. It's strange to finally see our walls denuded of wallpaper.
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denude someone or something of something

to strip something from someone or something. The prison guards denuded the new prisoner of his garments. The wind denuded the trees of their leaves.
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Connexin 43 expression and proliferation of human limbal epithelium on intact and denuded amniotic membrane.
He emphasized that to accelerate the rehabilitation and reforestation of these unproductive, denuded and degraded areas, the government should seek the participation and investment of the private sector, with a view towards enabling private companies to achieve carbon neutrality.
Even if we succeed in desilting our rivers, the excess water from the denuded mountains will continue to cascade down.
Magic Denuded Zone(TM) (MDZ(TM)) is an exciting new patented technology that provides a rapid method of achieving reliable and robust internal gettering and a precipitate-free zone in silicon wafers.
The Supreme Court has thrown out for lack of merit a petition seeking a blanket order for government to restore denuded mountains and depleted mangroves across the country.
Now, in a bid to reforest the denuded land, some four million Kwanzas were spent in 2011 by the local authorities of Tchicala Tcholoanga district in the central Huambo province.
With the change, entire neighborhoods could be denuded.
Shot starkly against black or white grounds, displayed like objects of visual curiosity vulnerably reduced to their materiality, these "great minds" seem lifted out of context, somehow denuded of the interpretative heft by which they derive their power.
What do you do with weed-covered landfills, abandoned strip mines, streambanks denuded by overgrazing, timberlands planted with the wrong trees, lowlands drained for growing crops?
Wafers with this new feature, called Magic Denuded Zone(TM) (MDZ(TM)), produce internal gettering action during device processing far more reliably than has been achieved to date.
SAN PEDRO CITY -- The national government has allotted P452 million to rehabilitate over 17,000 hectares of denuded forest land in the Calabarzon (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, Quezon) region this year under the governments National Greening Program (NGP).
Only seeing the bulldozers bite into the denuded hilltop will convince Nancy Gray that the family will once again have a home of their own, she said.
Denuded of Specialness under consumer culture, we fail to distinguished our selves even in our moments of failure--our failure to be masterful, to be strong, to be fashionable, or even to adequately express our inadequacy.
Examples include once-productive salmon runs pushed to the brink of extinction, stream and riparian areas eroded and denuded from overgrazing, deserted mining operations, Indian lands inundated by water from downstream dams, and clearcuts abutting designated wilderness areas.
Wafers with this new feature, called Magic Denuded ZoneT (MDZT), produce internal gettering action during device processing far more reliably than has been achieved to date.