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denude (someone or something) of (something)

To remove something from someone or something. I denuded myself of my wet clothes and got into the shower. It's strange to finally see our walls denuded of wallpaper.
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denude someone or something of something

to strip something from someone or something. The prison guards denuded the new prisoner of his garments. The wind denuded the trees of their leaves.
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Rozmiary erozji i denudacji poznoglacjalnej na polnocnym sklonie Pojezierza Kaszubskiego i Pobrzezu Kaszubskim [The volume of erosion and denudation in the Late Glacial on the northern slope of Cashubian Lake District and the Cashubian Pobrzeze (Coast)].
(39-42) In more severe cases, crypt abscesses, destruction and loss of crypts, ulceration of surface epithelium, and finally total denudation of the mucosa are seen.
The Cretaceous deposits occur as a denudation remnants in linear area of the same direction towards NNW up to Kunstat in the southern foreland of continuous Cretaceous occurrence (both in the Boskovice Furrow and the margin of the Bohemian-Moravian Highland) forming there conversely several buttes evidencing significant relief inversion (Ivan, 1996).
Animals after 6 h of general anesthesia: prenecrotic (I) and apoptotic (J) changes are indicated by black arrows, desquamated cornea epithelial cells onto partially or fully thickness-denuded area are shown by asterisks (L-M), apoptotic degeneration of some cells is shown by arrows (M), and locus of total denudation is shown by arrowheads at lower (D) and higher (N) magnification (margins of cornea erosion are shown by red arrowheads).
Sun et al., "Study of vascular injuries using endothelial denudation model and the therapeutic application of shock wave: a review," American Journal of Translational Research, vol.
(2003) studied long-term weathering rates in the Sierra Nevada (California) and Puerto Rico, using geochemical mass balances and estimates of physical denudation rates based on cosmogenic nuclides.
These data enable the determination of the depth of emplacement and the degree of denudation that this area has undergone, providing useful information on the preservation history of the Fenghuangshan copper deposit and the prospectivity of the surrounding region.
Moreover, the endothelial and platelet activation induced by histamine may further contribute to coronary plaque denudation and/or rupture, resulting in thrombus formation.
In the Western countries, one can find broken homes, runaway youths, isolated and estranged neighbourhoods, separated families, disdainful distance between various age groups, absence of elderyounger equation of mutual respect, and denudation of the society of all moral constraints.
Because of the tectonic uplift and denudation, the paleo-reservoirs and bituminous shows occur mainly in the Ediacaran system of the Neoproterozoic and Lower Paleozoic of the structural belts near the paleo-uplift margin having a strong deconstruction and erosional edge.
(2), (3) Although there are no diagnostic criteria, some authors suggest that delirious mania is characterized by inappropriate toileting, denudation, profound lack of sleep, and episodic memory impairment that can last hours or days.
Her final denudation of the artificial baby bump at the end signified how far the heroine's image had come in our film.
The erosion process anomalies have a close relationship with the anomalies of other exodynamic processes (landslides, abrasion, chemical denudation).
Yet anyone even slightly familiar with Kaspar's emergent practice, which includes the product ion of the extensively networked journal PROVENCE, on which most of his career has been hedged, will find little surprise in such an anti-aesthetic denudation. Indeed, this performative mix-up of painting and design, Kaspar's stripping a magazine bare of its information so as to optimize historically conditioned flat compositional space as a platform .for content-without-qualities, or what could potentially be construed as neo-detournements tuned to the key of bare-assed biopoliticality, is as unexpected as a mime's imprisonment in an invisible box of his own making.
Furthermore, the occurrence of various stages of ependymal denudation within full-term spina bifida aperta (SBA) fetuses suggests that there may be a continuation of the process after birth and that cases of communicating hydrocephalus could soon develop into noncommunicating hydrocephalus (Figures 1 and 2) [8, 14-16].