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dent up

To cause dents or dimples in something. I can't believe how much that runaway shopping cart dented up my car!
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dent something up

to mar or make depressions in something. I don't want to dent my car up. It's still new. He dented up my new bike!
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make a dent in something

1. Lit. to make a depression in something. I kicked the side of the car and made a dent in it. Please don't make a dent in the side of the house.
2. Fig. to use only a little of something; to make a small amount of progress with something. Look at what's left on your plate! You hardly made a dent in your dinner. I've been slaving all day, and I have hardly made a dent in my work.
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make a dent in

Begin to accomplish or consume something, as in I've barely made a dent in this pile of correspondence, or Help us put a dent in this pie. This metaphoric expression alludes to striking a blow to make a physical indentation in something.
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make a dent in something

COMMON If you make a dent in something, you reduce its amount or level. The savings from these cuts make only a small dent in the federal deficit. The average family in Britain spends £100 a week on food, which makes a big dent in the household budget. Note: You can also say that you put a dent in something. These devices can put a major dent in companies' IT budgets.
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make a ˈdent/ˈhole in something

(informal) reduce something: Having to pay out unexpectedly for car repairs made a big hole in my savings.The embarrassing stories about his past made quite a dent in his reputation.
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You can extract measurements from any photo that has a target or a reference measurement with just a click, so not only can you quickly count the number of dents, but you can estimate the size of each dent.
This helps the plunger to seal around the area and stick thoroughly so that it can straighten the dents when pulled out.
La meilleure des medecines reste un bon brossage des dents.
The new Dents building will include a large warehouse to house stock, design and manufacturing facilities, retail outlet, as well as office and meeting rooms for Dent's operational and administration staff.
But after completing the course and going out in the market to build my business, I found the skills I had were not enough to get a foothold in the industry," said Martin, "I came across the Dent Wizard website in 2007 and after a couple of meetings and an in-depth skills test, decided to buy the franchise for the Sheffield area.
A systematic approach for denting the fins was adopted so as to gain insights into the effect of dents on performance.
Dent Wizard International is a division of Cox Enterprises, one of the largest private companies in America.
The small spot size of 200 microns allows it to filter out high frequency signals and still detect and measure the low frequency bulge and dents.
McKay says minor dents can be repaired while the customer waits.
4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Elektron's new MultiTool Aluminum Dent Repair Station is a complete mobile workstation equipped with the tools technicians need to properly repair dents in aluminum sheet metal body panels and hoods.
With operators struggling to evaluate the large population of dents in their networks, GE is offering innovating integrity engineering solutions to more accurately measure the severity and potential threat of dents reported by inline inspection runs.
DENTS R GONE Unit 4, 10 Gateside Street Glasgow Tel 0141 550 3182
Look for dents and holes in the air line caused by rocks and gravel.
On Tuesday, the Dents sold their 43-employee firm to Selco, among the largest credit unions in Oregon.
Look for structural damage like wood rot, worm holes, broken pieces or loose joints before trying to correct dents and scratches and other surface defects.