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denounce (one) as (something)

To openly disparage one as something. If you denounce the councilman as a liar, you better have evidence to support your claim.
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denounce (one) for (something)

To openly disparage one for something that they have done. If you denounce the councilman for lying, then you better have evidence to support your claim.
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denounce someone as something

to criticize someone as something; to publicly call someone something bad. The mayor denounced her opponent as a crook. Anne was denounced as a cheater.
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denounce someone for something

to criticize someone publicly for doing something. The candidate denounced the governor for raising taxes. Donna denounced the mayor for incompetence.
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They denounce the conversion of companies into fortresses that are hermetically separated from the client and consumer and staffed by apathetic employees.
We unequivocally denounce these emails in every aspect and strongly discourage investors from using these bogus emails as part of their investment strategies.
Syrian Community in India Denounces the AL Resolution against Syria
I think that our Holy Father denounces these acts of evil in Iraq with complete understanding of the situation, and I applaud him for this as I do for all of his other teachings.
His anti-Semitic bias comes through when he denounces Ruth Bader Ginsburg, drawing out each syllable of her name to stress her Jewishness.
We need to denounce him in the most unequivocal terms.
The Vision of the Anointed moves from the War on Poverty, the Warren Supreme Court, and other elements of 1960s liberalism to the political correctness of recent years that insists upon gender-neutral language and denounces Mercator-projection maps as culturally biased.
The press union denounces this repressive attitude, and calls on international press freedom organizations to pressure Spanish authorities into recognizing the right of Moroccan journalists to fulfilling their professional mission in both occupied cities.
The office "vigorously denounces this campaign, which, politically and ethically, should not have been fuelled, directly or indirectly, from inside the House of Representatives.
AaAa "Following the flagrant aggressions perpetrated against the territory of the brotherly Saudi Arabia by Houthi rebels, from Yemeni borders, the Kingdom of Morocco denounces in the strongest terms these violations against the sovereignty, security, stability and territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia," Morocco's Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Saturday.
The statement added that while the Kingdom commends the measures taken by the HCR on the basis of a new proposal, that was accepted by all the parties, by setting up a new list to break the deadlock for which only Polisario bears responsibility, the Moroccan authorities strongly denounce this about-turn, added to repeated acts of this politicization of confidence-building measures by the other parties since the launch of the operation back in 2004.