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denounce (one) as (something)

To openly disparage one as something. If you denounce the councilman as a liar, you better have evidence to support your claim.
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denounce (one) for (something)

To openly disparage one for something that they have done. If you denounce the councilman for lying, then you better have evidence to support your claim.
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denounce someone as something

to criticize someone as something; to publicly call someone something bad. The mayor denounced her opponent as a crook. Anne was denounced as a cheater.
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denounce someone for something

to criticize someone publicly for doing something. The candidate denounced the governor for raising taxes. Donna denounced the mayor for incompetence.
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The Hurriyat forum Chairman strongly denounced the arrest of five youth of Bandipora under draconian PSA and their shifting to Jammu jail.
Summary: The head of the Journalists Union denounced an attack on a journalist Friday in the Sidon neighborhood of Abra.
He also denounced Washington's support for the coalition, saying that "it is in the nature of the United States to support the aggressor".
In a statement, the LTDH denounced as well the authorities' violation of people's right to life, freedom and physical integrity and their violation of the international conventions banning torture and ill-treatment, reminding that "these conventions have been ratified byTunisia."
Arabi "strongly denounced the crimes, killings, dispossession carried out by the terrorist (IS) against civilians and minorities in Iraq that have affected Christians in Mosul and Yazidis," he said in a statement.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Iraqi Human Rights Ministry denounced the mal-treatment of Iraqi prisoners in Saudi prisons.
Summary: Rabat - Secretary Generals and Heads of Moroccan political parties represented in the Parliament, vigorously denounced the continued use by different Spanish parties of "fallacious methods and immoral approaches" concerning the events that recently shook the southern city of Laayoune.
Summary: The Lebanese Forces denounced Friday threats made against March 14 media figures and politicians, a statement by the group said.
It also denounced some states which try to portray the resistance as a form of terrorism.
Baghdad (NINA) - Iraq denounced terrorist elements mortar shelling Saudi border area, affirming that the Government pledges to pursue them.
Speaking to the Heritage Foundation in 1996 on the topic of "judicial activism," the conservative commentator Pat Buchanan denounced the Supreme Court as a "judicial dictatorship"; the Court's beneficiaries, he said, were "criminals, atheists, homosexuals, flag burners, illegal immigrants (including terrorists), convicts, and pornographers." In his influential 1996 book Slouching Towards Gomorrah: Modern Liberalism and American Decline, former federal appeals court judge Robert H.
TUNIS (TAP) - The Presidency of the government denounced on Saturday the physical and verbal aggressions against several journalists during a rally organized on Friday outside the municipal theatre of Tunis by "Al Mahaba" movement.
Italian journalist and author Riccardo Cascioli (of the newspaper Avvenire) has denounced the report as "totally ideological", noting again the underlying theme of "abortion rights".
Washington, May 31 (SUNA) Sudan's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Dafulla Al -Haj has strongly denounced allegations of Susan Rice, representative of the United States of America to the United Nations about the aerial bombardment on South Kordofan and Blue Nile States.
Within days, Belsky was subjected to the academic and media equivalent of a Communist Chinese "struggle session." He was denounced as an "extremist," an enemy of "women's rights," and an eccentric, and he was accused of dishonest research methods.