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deny (one)self

To deprive oneself of something. I'm denying myself desserts right now, while I'm on this diet.
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justice delayed is justice denied

Justice served at a later time has as little impact as justice not being served at all. A: "We need to get this matter before a judge quickly." B: "Of course. Justice delayed is justice denied."
See also: delay, deny, justice

deny (something) to (someone or something)

To keep one from doing, having, or accessing something. I would never deny a great opportunity to you! You should follow your dreams! They don't want to get divorced and deny a stable home to their children.
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deny someone or something to someone

to prevent someone from having someone or something. Would you deny her children to her after all these long months? I would not deny food to a starving man.
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He denied that he tied her up and forced her to have sex with him.
Stephen Lavelle, 18, of Altcross Road, Croxteth, denied arson and firearms conspiracies.
He also denied he "targeted the shyest, prettiest girl and got her in to a darkened room together" with Davis in an "agreed plan" for sex.
Basiru Gassama, 30, of Hodge Hill, Birmingham, and Mahmood, of Alum Rock, denied failing to disclose information about the alleged plot.
Iqbal, of Elmbridge Road, Perry Barr, Birmingham, denied having the CD on jihad.
Keith Borer denied handling stolen money and Kim Shackleton denied assisting an offender.
UnumProvident also is amending the Multistate Exam Settlement Agreement to include mailing notice of the national claim reassessment process to 29,500 insureds whose claims were denied between Jan.
He was denied workers' compensation, and hired an attorney to appeal the decision.
Immigration officials had denied his niece--who lives in Miami and New York--the chance to visit her uncle on his deathbed, citing security concerns.
The EWG report found that 40% of the 22,181 farmers who chose Track A were denied compensation, and only 10% of the 173 farmers who chose Track B received a favorable decision after a hearing.
Pecelj later applied for immigrant status on humanitarian and compassionate grounds but it was denied on June 3.
Ruling: In the ruling, the IRS did not challenge the availability of the gift tax annual exclusion for the withdrawal powers held by the grantor's children, but denied the grantor the gift tax annual exclusion for the withdrawal powers held by the four charities.
I would have denied other clubs whose basis was sex," he said, "I would have denied a Bestiality Club.
The Zoning Board of Appeals denied the application, relying on evidence submitted by objecting neighbors that the subdivision would negatively impact the character of the neighborhood: a modem home in a distinctively neo-Tudor neighborhood and a home located 40 feet from another home when average distance between other homes is 50 feet, as well as concerns regarding traffic and parking problems.
The district court held that: (1) the inmates had a liberty interest in their conditions of confinement; (2) the inmates were entitled to due process protection in decisions to send them and retain them at the facility; (3) the inmates were denied due process in the decisions to send them to, and retain them at, the facility; and (4) new corrections policies failed to provide adequate due process safeguards.