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a non-denial denial

A statement that seems and/or is intended to act as a direct denial to an allegation, but which, when taken literally or examined closely, does not deny the allegation at all. The phrase is most commonly associated with evasive answers of politicians facing scrutiny or accusations of misconduct. When pressed by journalists over certain large, undisclosed expenditures he had recently made, the senator gave a classic non-denial denial of any wrongdoing, stating ambiguously that any such spending was simply associated with the running of his campaign.
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in denial

Unable or unwilling to believe or acknowledge something as true. The house is in terrible condition, and if Carolyn says it isn't, she's in denial. Are you in denial or something? This is a serious issue!
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in denial

in a state of refusing to believe something that is true. Mary was in denial about her illness and refused treatment. Tom doesn't think he's an alcoholic because he's still in denial.
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Statistics also showed that European embassies in Bahrain scored the lowest rate of Schengen visa denials compared to their counterparts in neighbouring countries.
These types of claim denials are usually easy to overturn if you know how to do it, something revealed over the course of this series.
In that report, Stanton assigned denial as the eighth stage of genocide, and recommended the proper punishment for genocide denial to be criminal prosecution.
The Members continued: The denial or revocation of a passport limits the right of American citizens to travel, and may strand them in a foreign country without the ability to return home.
A federal judge in California has ordered the Trump Administration to reconsider the asylum requests of 87 Iranian refugees--overruling the blanket denial the government had issued to all of them.
When someone identifies the obvious, Trump resounds the beat of denial as he did before he was president: "I'm the least racist person that you've ever met," that "you've ever seen," that "you've ever encountered." These are ugly denials.
Denials erode the provider organization's bottom line, resulting in the permanent loss of an estimated 3% of net revenue.
Chuck stated “From my career working in hospitals and revenue cycle consulting for hospitals it became evident that the 7 key components identified in the article are critical to the success of any denial management project.”
* Reducing denials through appeals and a CQI process
The available data indicated variation in application denial rates, and there are several issues to consider in interpreting those rates.
"Over the past four years there has been a marked increase in the number of complaints that involve claims denials (from 254 in 2003 to 442 in 2006), and those complaints now make up almost 18% of all complaints."
The reassessment process is expected to take two years as UnumProvident evaluates the earliest denials first, then moves on to later years.
USDA Spokesman Ed Loyd says the USDA had nothing to do with the denials of payment.
So the interviewer has to cut off the denials. With a guilty individual, the denials will become weaker; with someone who is innocent, the denials will get stronger.
Under this policy, a committee conducts a weekly review of marginal approvals and denials to measure consistency in the application of investor underwriting guidelines, and the quality control department conducts a quarterly statistically based regression analysis of all applications to identify possible instances or indications of disparate treatment.