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a non-denial denial

A statement that seems and/or is intended to act as a direct denial to an allegation, but which, when taken literally or examined closely, does not deny the allegation at all. The phrase is most commonly associated with evasive answers of politicians facing scrutiny or accusations of misconduct. When pressed by journalists over certain large, undisclosed expenditures he had recently made, the senator gave a classic non-denial denial of any wrongdoing, stating ambiguously that any such spending was simply associated with the running of his campaign.
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in denial

in a state of refusing to believe something that is true. Mary was in denial about her illness and refused treatment. Tom doesn't think he's an alcoholic because he's still in denial.
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ZirMed will showcase its new denial and appeal management solution through in-booth demonstrations at the Healthcare Financial Management Association's 2015 National Institute (HFMA ANI 2015), Booth #417.
Some of the specialist practices even noticed a denial of 7% of claims submitted in the current fiscal year, with the reimbursements freezing physicians groups are definitely looking to manage profitability better.
The response should include the denial reason and any appeal rights the patient or hospital may have.
In contrast to the helping professions and popular culture, addiction and denial has received only peripheral interest in academic literature on organizations.
When a vendor or supplier installs software or provides consultation to a healthcare organization to help the organization manage its claim denials, executives should compel their suppliers--and themselves--to make the distinction between denials management and denials reduction or prevention.
The fourth element is the denial of historicity in general and the particularity of specific histories.
Standard economic reasoning suggests that in deciding whether to file a claim, the insured individual takes into account this possibility of denial, along with any costs in terms of time and trouble imposed on him or her by the screening process through which the insurer makes the denial decision.
It would be easy to see this as normal human denial, to say that some of us genuinely believe we need to get past a "crisis" mentality about AIDS, that some are simply honest skeptics about research, that some deeply believe in a media conspiracy to "demonize" gay sex, and that all these denials--as dangerous and myopic as they are--are understandable, excusable, all too human.
The issue was whether the Tax Court had jurisdiction to review the IRS's denial of Sec.
projection, suppression, denial, displacement, reaction formation) in adapting to the disease (Bahnson & Bahnson, 1969; Heim, Moser, & Adler, 1978; Weisman & Worden, 1976-77).
Rudi Dornbush, a noted MIT economist who watches foreign markets, opines: "European policymakers are torn between common sense and a myopic denial of reality.
Yet each draws its moral confidence from a primordial denial of its adversary's truth.
Today, a new expression that has entered the vernacular is "to be in denial.
section] 1983 for alleged unconstitutional police conduct, and the right of law enforcement officers to appeal immediately a court's denial of qualified immunity in cases involving a factual dispute.