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a non-denial denial

A statement that seems and/or is intended to act as a direct denial to an allegation, but which, when taken literally or examined closely, does not deny the allegation at all. The phrase is most commonly associated with evasive answers of politicians facing scrutiny or accusations of misconduct. When pressed by journalists over certain large, undisclosed expenditures he had recently made, the senator gave a classic non-denial denial of any wrongdoing, stating ambiguously that any such spending was simply associated with the running of his campaign.
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in denial

in a state of refusing to believe something that is true. Mary was in denial about her illness and refused treatment. Tom doesn't think he's an alcoholic because he's still in denial.
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Fifty years ago, Richard Nixon transformed this historic heartbeat of denial into an intoxicating political philosophy.
Revenue cycle staff needs to share data and provide insight into where the opportunities are to prevent errors, streamline processes, and determine where to focus denial prevention and management efforts.
Many insurers also provide an opportunity for reconsideration of a denial or a peer-to-peer meeting.
Given that power can be addictive and that denial is an integrant part of addiction, the denial associated with a leader's power-addiction--combined with hierarchical differences in power found in organizations--increases the likelihood that a leader's power-addiction can become a hidden or "silent" organizational illness or threat.
4) The HRDC policy directive that required decisions for CPP disability benefits to be based entirely on medical reasons and give no consideration to local labor market or economic conditions after September 1995 (Human Resources Development Canada, 1996) would have created time series variation in CPP denial rates.
The denial disparity ratio equals the denial rate for a particular racial category (for example, African American) divided by the denial rate for whites.
DDoS attacks occur when many hosts act in a cooperative manner to perform a joint denial of service attack, increasing the potential for overrunning the network dramatically.
The fourth element is the denial of historicity in general and the particularity of specific histories.
Using this evidence, the author finds that higher denial rates were associated with lower rates of claim filing.
Denial about the AIDS crisis is a breathing moral failure.
6015(e)(1)(A) provides that, if the taxpayer timely files a petition, the Tax Court can review the IRS's denial of relief in Sec.
projection, suppression, denial, displacement, reaction formation) in adapting to the disease (Bahnson & Bahnson, 1969; Heim, Moser, & Adler, 1978; Weisman & Worden, 1976-77).
The study's objectives are to determine mortgage denial rates by lender type and race of the applicant; to test whether denial rates are higher for blacks relative to whites for primes and subprimes; and to test whether there is a difference between prime-lender black denial rates versus subprime-lender black denial rates.
Rudi Dornbush, a noted MIT economist who watches foreign markets, opines: "European policymakers are torn between common sense and a myopic denial of reality.
Yet each draws its moral confidence from a primordial denial of its adversary's truth.