a den of iniquity/vice

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den of iniquity

A place where seedy activities happen. I'm not surprised to hear that the police raided that club again—it's a den of iniquity!
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den of iniquity

a place filled with criminal activity or wickedness. The town was a den of iniquity and vice was everywhere. Police raided the gambling house, calling it a den of iniquity.
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a den of iniquity

If a place is a den of iniquity, a lot of immoral things happen there. As time went on, he realised he was working in a den of iniquity and that the corruption spread right to the top of the organization.
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a den of iˈniquity/ˈvice

(disapproving) a place where people do bad things: She thinks that just because we sit around smoking and drinking beer the club must be a real den of iniquity.
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"You slithered into our 'den of vice' like the snake you were, hiding your manly hardware within a parasol.
IS - who said they were behind Friday's attack on what they called a "den of vice" - identified the gunman by the alias of Abu Yahya al-Qayrawani.
It is a den of vice and there is nothing religious about it anymore," the cleric added.
108) that is the Vienna City club; a den of vice that caters to denizens of oil with poker machines, a casino and child sex-workers.
In the run-up to the Eurogroup decisions in March, statements and reports, particularly from German lawmakers and media had painted a picture of Cyprus being a den of vice and money laundering for Russian oligarchs, an image which the troika-imposed Moneyval and Deloitte audits failed to verify to a great extent.
What the questioning of an assortment of scoundrels has revealed is that the IPL was not merely a secret society, but a den of vice, betting and gambling.
The governor's mansion in Albany was pictured as a den of vice marked by orgies and a stable of kept women.
TEACHERS fear a Huddersfield school playground is being turned into a den of vice and drug-taking.
Could it be the spark for a new boom in Cardiff - or the start of the city's descent into a gambling-ridden den of vice?
Smith traces the evolution of the gambling industry in Las Vegas, from its beginnings as a mafia-controlled den of vice through its transformation into a mainstream tourist center.
But above all the book counters the tenacious, negative stereotypes that have portrayed the author's community as a den of vice, violence and disrepute.
A DEN of vice" is how Nuneaton-born clean-up campaigner Mary Whitehouse once condemned Emmerdale.
The local gang is nice enough to offer the boy a job, and, as doorman to its tawdry den of vice, he is, of course, the only one who gets caught when a clueless new policeman tries to clean up the scene.
Another letter said: "The Met Office is a den of vice and I witnessed it for many years."
Cardiff police chief Bob Evans has spoken of his frustration at seeing his beloved city portrayed as a den of vice.