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"No other women in the church have had an affair with anybody, though he implied that the choir was a den of iniquity.
A lot of people, Daily Mail readers largely, furiously gnashed their teeth about how such a televised crack den of iniquity would only further corrupt the nation's youth.
Den rediscovers engine Tom O'Brien was successful on his only ride of the day when partnering the 16-1 shot Den Of Iniquity to win the 2m4f handicap hurdle in the colours of Malcolm Denmark.
When company came to see us in the suburbs, we often herded them downstairs amid the lighted beer signs emulating some den of iniquity in the city.
A strong case can be made for Den Of Iniquity in the Atlantic Enterprises Handicap Chase.
How many even deserve to be where they are today, perpetuating this den of iniquity we call the Republic of Cyprus administration?
HOW dare George Tyndale refer to Nuneaton as a den of iniquity? Yes.
Although the idea of Reid's visit was to publicise the council-police partnership, which has turned Broad Street from a den of iniquity into the sort of place you could take your maiden aunt, council bods found themselves out of the loop.
It was a true den of iniquity for the city's burgeoning subculture.
Cheese's by today's standards, back in 1962 it had everything but a big flashing DEN OF INIQUITY sign hanging over the counter.
Local friends once envied the glamour they imagined I soaked up on the West Coast; now they're more likely to wonder how I could live in such a den of iniquity.
There's no reason to pick a favorite among the likes of Booknotes, Washington Journal, and all the other C-SPAN fare, but his greatest contribution may well be his first: turning a surveillance camera on the den of iniquity known as the U.S.
The breathtaking images of so much of the story, of Haoyou flying, of the acrobats in the circus, the Mongol way of execution that avoids spilling blood on the ground, of the den of iniquity, so to speak, where Haoyou's mother must work, the ghastly uncle who must be obeyed, the other villain of the story, an evil man who lusts after Haoyou's mother and seeks the family's destruction--all make for a truly marvelous story.
The famous convert, who was consecrated bishop of Hippo (in North Africa) in 395, was perhaps the church's most influential thinker on the subject of the relevance and applicability of Christian ideals and values to the so-called "real world"--that den of iniquity, power politics, and remorseless, take-no-prisoners warfare we call home.