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demur at (something)

To dispute or contest something. I'm sorry, but I demur at the suggestion that I'm not qualified for this job just because I made one mistake!
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without demur

Without objection or hesitation; at once. I knew he was broke, so I thought he'd accept my offer without demur. They'll never think of you as their peer if you agree to every order they give you without demur.
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demur at something

to dispute something; to challenge something. I fear I must demur at your suggestion that I am aloof and condescending. Alice demurred at the suggestion that she was late.
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without deˈmur

(formal) without objecting or hesitating: They accepted without demur.
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Producer Harry Saltzman had suddenly decided he wanted Frank Sinatra, who demurred, but added his 26-year-old daughter would do it.
It seems Frank Warren was due to unveil an American opponent - probably unbeaten New Englander Joey Spina, even though he is unrated by either the IBF or WBO - but the IBF demurred, pointing out that they had ordered Joe to face Stieglitz by September.
By August 31, almost 48-hours after Katrina hit New Orleans, even the centrist-punditry of the highly-trafficked online Slate questioned why their colleagues "demurred from mentioning two topics that must have occurred to every sentient viewer: race and class." But in the first few hours of the event, an impromptu Internet search yielded an unexpected report--that of hundreds of Vietnamese Americans, most of them elderly, who were stranded in a church in the Versailles section of New Orleans.
Top GOP state officeholders have demurred from challenging her in 2006.
I demurred and wrote my own, but I see in her book the same person I saw then: a gentle idealist toughened by Washington, making brutally rational decisions but determined to see the best in people.
When asked whether he thought the Constitution gives Congress the power to ban employment discrimination against gays and lesbians, Roberts demurred, saying, "Personally, I believe that everybody should be treated with dignity in this area, and respect.
Despite the duo's string of confirming reports in the 1980s, the scientific community demurred for a decade before adopting the notion that a pathogen could cause stomach ulcers.
It charges certain customers higher prices, which they willingly pay; and it discretely offers discounts to shoppers who demurred due to your "perfect price," which was too high.
Interviewed by New York Times dance critic John Rockwell, Cunningham patiently answered questions about his work, but demurred when asked about the company's future.
At any rate, he demurred in a letter to the editor of the Globe (May 31), stating categorically that he had not met one person who could be described as "a single issue" candidate.
When asked when an effective human feeder system might be expected, Takahashi demurred.
According to The Washington Post, several of the participants had asked Bush about the FMA, "but Bush demurred, explaining that the issue is a non-starter in Congress." One of the participants told the Post the president "was noncommittal on it because he's got other priorities." That same participant also noted that Bush spent a significant portion of time encouraging support for his plan to overhaul Social Security.
Daub demurred in calling Social Security reform the highest health care priority, however.
When pressed about spiritual and Christian themes that sometimes appear on his records he first admitted to having "a lot of preachers in the family" but then demurred, "With the God stuff I don't know.
Aitken demurred, saying that although he used to like such magazines, he was now trying to follow Christ's teachings.