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demur at (something)

To dispute or contest something. I'm sorry, but I demur at the suggestion that I'm not qualified for this job just because I made one mistake!
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without demur

Without objection or hesitation; at once. I knew he was broke, so I thought he'd accept my offer without demur. They'll never think of you as their peer if you agree to every order they give you without demur.
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demur at something

to dispute something; to challenge something. I fear I must demur at your suggestion that I am aloof and condescending. Alice demurred at the suggestion that she was late.
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without deˈmur

(formal) without objecting or hesitating: They accepted without demur.
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Then the Talmud demurs. There is no contradiction, rather reality itself demands what might appear to be a logical contradiction.
Asked if he's glamorized Chinatown's ghetto qualities, Jin demurs that he was simply providing exposure to a little-known ethnic enclave, claiming such critics are the same impossible crowd crying foul were nothing Asian stressed in his work.
The real return to order was the '90s." We talked about The Moved Over Lady, 1991, which I think Peter Schjeldahl once praised for its compositional daring, but the artist demurs: "It's an incredible cliche of 'vanguard' composition.
Goodbar" as her talent demo but demurs when Scott assures her that her spot-on Diane Keaton impression is "a big downer." Will Destiny triumph?
Now as I understand these facts about biblical anthropology they imply something from which Sennett demurs. I find his demurral revealing.
of the limitations set to their own art within the brief span of life." Alloway always played the cont rarian, and here his sights were set on another critic (as was frequently the case in his writing), in this instance Harold Rosenberg, in particular on his reading of the artist's career as "a succession of dialogues with artists living and dead." Alloway demurs, arguing that Rosenberg "makes the impersonation and parody the mainspring of Gorky's life and art.
Once a developer finds the land he wants to acquire and a city planning board approves the project, the CRDA simply makes a purchase offer and, if the owner demurs, asks a state court to condemn the property.
If the Supreme Court demurs, New York officials and other Aguilar opponents will have to file a fresh legal challenge and bring it up through the federal court system step by step, a process that could take years.
He demurs when asked about his desire to walk down the aisle, saying his personal life does not drive his commitment to equal rights.
This is not a truth that's necessary." Cheney demurs, noting that one of the vets featured in the Buchenwald scene pointed out, "We had been stripped of our history in our slavery, and I didn't want to come up with anything that could tarnish our record." And as Cheney points out elsewhere, the falsification of history for "good" reasons often obscures the ways in which excluded or underrepresented groups actually did contribute to history.
Asked if the film's treatment of her character and that of its leading man was in any way based on his real-life friendship with Falco, Mendelsohn demurs: "Not in the least.
Homem, who generally remembers details better than Ileana herself, steps in politely and demurs. But Sonnabend shakes her head.
Asked whether the idea of women so often being manhandled or victimized in his ballets bothers her, as in Mayerling and The Judas Tree, she demurs. "Maybe [he does it] because he thinks you can show more of your acting ability and passion in these roles.
Asked to comment, Vischer demurs, quickly shifting to say "what an exciting time this is for the museum." And that is true.